Rep. Cooper Provides Motorcyclists Safety Gears By: Yassah J Wright


Montserrado County District #5 Representative, Presilla Cooper, over the weekend donated dozens of helmets and safety jackets to local motorcyclists and provided LD$ 760,000 (US$ 4,000) to the Muslim community for preparation and support for the upcoming Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The donation of the safety equipment or materials is intended to to protect riders from severe injuries in case of accidents and also bring them in full compliance with the Liberian National Police Road and Safety measure. Making the donation to the motorcyclist in the 75nd Community, Representative Cooper emphasized the importance of safety gear and encouraged all motorcyclists to wear their helmets and jackets every time they ride.  He lamented that they have decided to identify with riders in District 5 to ensure that they give them protective gear so that they can provide daily bread for themselves and family but in a responsible way that will avoid accident death. ‘’To get any funding the right way, you should have the right things done, we applaud you for ensuring that you make good of your skills, so that you can take care of you and your family’’ she noted. According to her, any country without rules and order is dome to fail, adding that some people might think the government decision is wrong, but she described it as the best precedent set to save lives.  She noted that the gesture is intended to help sustain motorcyclist and passengers lives, to ensure that they avoid major accidents, saying that accident will take place it is a normal thing, but if they are protected the maximum won’t happen. “We care about your life and safety that was the reason when we started our campaign trail we ensured that you all were educated and trained so that you can know the road signs where to go or which speed limit to ride on. Now you have learned and the government said that you all should be protected when riding on the main streets, it is good to be protected, God forbid in the event of accident so that the worse cannot happen to you’’ she noted. Meanwhile, Representative Cooper at the same time provided a cash amount of LD$ 760,000 (US$ 4,000) to the Muslim community for preparation and support for the upcoming Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. ‘’ we want to present this little case to the leadership of the imam Council for the Muslim Community of the district. This is just LD$ 760,000 (US$ 4,000). We want you to kindly manage this and continue to pray for this district and country’’ she concluded. Receiving the case donation on behalf of the Muslim Community of district 5, the Chief Imam of the district, Imam Mohammed Kamara extolled Representative Cooper for the donation.

‘’ we want to thank you for this donation. We are going to use this funds for preparation. However, it’s our hope that others can donate so that we can attend this year Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia’’ he concluded. Finally, remarking on behalf of the motorcyclist, Joe Ricks expressed appreciation and gratitude on behalf of his colleagues for the donation. According to him, the donation will enables them to hustle and feed their families, but importantly, put them right standing with the government and promote safety measures.

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