‘Assets Recovery Is Unstoppable’ -Boakai Insists By: Julius Konton


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has reiterated that the process of assets recovery in his government is unstoppable.  According to him, his government will work to ensure that government assets will be retrieved in line with the laws of the country. The move by President Boakai’s government  is among other things, geared towards continuous effort  to ensure that transparency and accountability across all sectors of the country is implemented to the core as well as taken very seriously.  President Boakai speaking at Day Two of his government’s first cabinet retreat assured Liberians that his government will continue to work in their interest and to ensure that the right things are done in a different way. Also speaking at the retreat was the Assets Recovery and Retrieval Taskforce Chair , Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin, who told the gathering that they have made lots of progress since the exercise began. According to him, they have made 50% interventions in some communities and in the coming days and weeks, they will make public their reports with some punishments as well for would- be violators. “We have been working covertly in some communities and we have made massive progress, ” he further informed the gathering. Cllr. Martin said  it is unfortunate and regrettable for people to leave government entities and agencies after performing a specific national duty but to show no  assets left behind. People, he stated, should be held responsible for their actions which he added will serve as a deterrence going forward.

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