Political Activist Disappointed Over Boakai’s Governance System

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A Liberian political activist has expressed serious disappointment about the way President Joseph Nyuma Boakai Government is proceeding in the early stage of governance in Liberia. Philip Massaquoi stated that President Boakai declared that business in Liberia will not be as usual,but according to him, things are getting bad off with corruption, the rule of laws are lacking and sanitation still poses serious threat to residents in Monrovia and its environs. Massaquoi made the assertion over the weekend in Monrovia. He stressed that the Liberian people voted President Boakai for actual change to take place in their standard of living and the development of the nation. He noted that the lack of transparency and accountability are emerging in the President Boakai led government which should be put to halt now than later,noting that earth moving machines coming into the country and buses should be disclosed to the people who giving them to Liberia and at what spent?. According to him, the Liberian people have suffered too long under governments that only few people are enjoying and the masses continue to suffer without no justification from people heading the government. He said this time, the Liberian people will put the government feet to fire to do right things for the people and not few. Massaquoi maintained that President Boakai’s officials should do the things in order to transform the development of Liberia rather than seeking their own interest. He said government should be transparent and accountable to the people and not engaging into secrecy which has undermines the growth and development of Liberia over the years. The political activist indicated that we want President Boakai to success in transforming the socio and economic development of the nation , there is the need to speak true to power than keeping silence. Massaquoi emphasized that President Boakai should charged of his government and work in the interest of the Liberian people but things are not proceeding rights as the people expected.

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