What appears to be unexplained as a murder or an accident recently occurred at Quality Group Of Construction Companies job site in Lofa County after one of its employees, Elijah Gee, mysteriously died why on duty.

Accordingly, it is being alleged that the late Elijah, who was an engineer of the company, died mysteriously after one of the company’s yellow machines droved on his two legs while trying to direct another driver where to go, thus cutting off both legs, something that led to his untimely demise.

Elijah has since been buried based on his Muslim tradition.

However,  speaking to this paper in front of the company’s head office on 15th Street on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, in a saddened mood, the brother of Elijah, Barpaye B. Bleh, disclosed that since the death of their brother, nobody from the company has  come to them to inform them about the actual cause of Elijah’s  his death.

He noted that the most troubling part of the situation is  even if it is true that Elijah’s  death was an accident, while is it that the company management does not t want to talk to them, as everyone has remained tightlipped on the matter, stating, “even our presence here could not change anything and it is worrisome for us.”

According to him, the mysterious death of their brother occurred on Thursday, August 31, 2023 in Lofa County, where he recently took up assignment due to a contract that was awarded to the company in that part of the country.

Bleh further narrated that it was one of Elijah friends only identified as Reeves, who called them from Lofa to let them know about his death and even sent them pictures of Elijah lying on the roadside with both legs cut off. 

“The very Thursday that he died, it was not the company who called us, but his friend Reeves, who called us to inform us about his death. We came here today so the company can tell us the truth about Elijah’s death because when he died, they sent us one picture of a man lying on a stricture and we told them that it was not Elijah; that was how unknown to them, Reeves sent us his real picture, lying in the mud, like someone asking why me,” he lamented.  

According to him, since the death of their relative, the company has not visited them or even turned over Elijah’s personal effects to them, something which led to them storming the offices of the company on Tuesday, September 5, 2023 to raise concern.

He noted that Elijah has been working with Quality Group of Construction Companies for too and they never expected that such a thing was going to happen to him.

“All of his belongings are still in their possession, up till now, they have not turned over his married ring, cellphone and other materials after one week of his death. All we want is the truth, that’s all,” Bleh indicated.

According to him, that after waiting outside for a long period of time, they were allowed in the company’s office, as one Kelvin whom they said is the Officer- In- Charge, informed them that management will meet with the family in the soonest possible time.

When IP reporter who was on the scene( company yard) identified himself and tried to reach out to Kelvin to get the company’s side of the story, Kelvin reportedly said he was not talking  to  the reporter.

Investigation continues:

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