Huge Potential In Mineral Sector


The Director Mines at the Ministry of Mines and Energy has disclosed that Liberia has huge potential in the mineral sector. Director Arma George Fully stated that there are minerals in Liberia which have not being discovered yet due to lack of serious concentration in the sector. Director Fully made the disclosure Wednesday when he was honored outstanding Mines Director of the year by the Movement with Integrity for National Development(MIND) in Monrovia. According to him, Liberia is a green land when it come to minerals deposit and the ministry will ensure that concessions companies honor the Mineral Development Agreements(MDA) signed with the Liberian Government. He stressed that President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has emphasized that things will not be done as usual in the public sector and the mineral sector is no exception. Director Fully maintained that concessions companies will complies with their social responsibilities obligation to the various communities and counties which they are operating. He pointed out that the Minister of Mines and Energy Wilmot Paye has ensure that positive transformation should take place in the mineral sector to benefit the Liberian people and the nation. He indicated that there young Liberians have graduated from engineering colleges and universities who are in the sector but they have not being employed in the sector. Director Fully emphasized that not complies of concessions companies in paying taxes, honoring their social corporation obligation will be things of the past and the ministry will ensure that every obligation signed in the agreement will adhere to according the letter. Meanwhile, Director Fully said eighty thousand United States Dollars was collected from companies that default payment of government revenue through the effort of the Bureau of Mines.

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