House To Probe Budget Law Tampering

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Members of the House of Representatives have mandated the Leadership to invite the Ministry of Finance Development Planning on claims of alteration in the 2024 National Budget Law. Plenary reached the decision Thursday, 6 June 2024 during the 7th day sitting based on a communication from Hon. Clarence G. Gar of Electoral District 5 Margibe County. In his letter, the Lawmaker claimed that illegal alteration was made in the 2024 National Budget Law and asked his colleagues to recall it. Rep. Gar made specific example to a decision that the Legislative Budget Office (LBO) be replaced by the Public Account Committee. Following the floor debate, plenary agreed upon a motion from Hon. Ivar Jones that the communication be forwarded to the House Leadership to handle the matter and that Ministry of Finance appear with copy of the Budget within one week.

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