CPP Cummings Exhibits Support, Makes Proposal To Election Finalists LINA


Hours after the National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia declared a runoff election between the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Unity Party (UP), the political leader of the CPP, Alexander B. Cummings has unleashed a script containing demands to any of the two election finalists who may want to garner his support. The CPP leader, however, was emphatic as he stated prior to reading his proposal at a press conference in Monrovia Wednesday that the CPP promised the Liberian people that it will work to change the system to benefit all Liberians. He claimed that the CPP refused to be a partner in keeping the “the Liberian people poor, the nation divided and governing system corrupt”. Mr. Cummings disclosed that the CPP has formulated a team to hold consultations with both the CDC and the UP while placing before the two parties a proposal list that include commitment to gender equality and the need to prioritize the passage of the minimal 30 percent law for women participation and membership in the legislature. Mr. Cummings is also seeking the appointment of women to the cabinet with a view of achieving at least 40 percent inclusion of women in the cabinet. The parties, he said, must also commit to the establishment of a national Youth Service Program to address improving social cohesion, empowerment, employability, and civic duties of Liberian youths. Also, on his list of demands, Mr. Cummings and his CPP are urging their potential suitors to provide preferential loans and business development support programs to Liberia entrepreneurs especially with focus on women and youths. Subsequently, the CPP wants the CDC or the UP to make a commitment to establish a war and economic crimes court, adding, “we must end the culture of impunity in our country and seriously seek to reconcile and unite our people under the rule of law.” Among other things, the CPP is requesting a commitment to undertake a review of the Liberian Constitution with a view towards strengthening democratic governance and the unity of Liberians under the law. Also, Mr. Cummings wants his clients to institute judicial reform, noting that “we must improve access and affordability to justice, seek a review of litigations merely on procedural grounds, establish a claims court, and take steps to improve and strengthen the independence of the judiciary as well as the capacity of investigatory agencies.”

He is calling for a commitment to decentralize public administration and to continuous audits with a view towards implementing recommendations therein as well as the strengthening of internal audit systems across ministries, agencies, and public institutions. “We will not sustainably develop Liberia until we solve the issue of basic service delivery across Liberia, Monrovia is not Liberia,” Mr. Cummings noted as he subsequently proposed the enforcement of the declaration of assets and audit of the legislature among other things. The National Elections Commission (NEC) has declared November 14, 2023, as the date for Run-off Election between incumbent President George M. Weah of the CDC and the former Vice President of Liberia, Hon. Joseph N. Boakai of the UP. Ahead of the runoff, it is anticipated that several political parties will join ranks by pledging their support to either of the two candidates who are vying for  the nation’s highest seat. LINA

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