Control your partisans Joint Security calls on Political Parties


It has come to the attention of the Joint Security of Liberia that the two Political Parties involved in Tuesday,14th November 2023Presidential Run-Of Elections have begun preparing their various partisans and supporters for pre-victory celebrations Friday,17th November 2023.

As cautioned earlier, before the runoff, the Joint Security of Liberia is rein forcing its mandate that there will be no such pre-victory celebrations by any political party before the National Elections Commission shall have announced the final results and declared the winner of the Presidential runoff elections. The Joint Security calls on the leaderships of the two Political Parties to exercise control over their partisans and supporters, as well as demonstrate a high degree of political maturity and sensitivity, during this crucial time in the country’s democratic sojoum to preserve our cherished peace and tranquility. The Joint Security will continue to monitor the situation, including social media platforms, and will hold accountable under the laws of Liberia, anyone who incites chaos that leads to violence. Liberians and all residing within the borders of Liberia are assured of an unbridled security and asked to go about their normal activities.

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