Weah Fires Back At Boakai


President Goerge M. Weah has sharply reacted to former Vice President, Joseph Boakai, after the Unity Party Standard Bearer said the President was a bobo [an ineffective] lawmaker when he served as Senator.

Recently, Amb. Boakai told his supporters that while serving as Vice President and President of the Liberian Senate, President Weah, when serving as Senator, was always quiet and hardly spoke on any major issues or debate.

Boakai further stated that owing to Weah’s “poor” legislative record, it is not a surprise that he has “dismally” performed as President.

“Just the other day, someone said that when I was in the Senate, as president of the Senate, George Weah did not put his hands up. My people, in a very soft tone, yes, you are correct. You did not see my hand up because every time I put it up, you were sleeping,” he said in a pointed jibe at the former VP.

With less than three months to Liberia’s crucial elections, major political parties have begun engaging the electorates, convincing them to win their votes. Last week, former Vice President Boakai led the Unity Party and affiliated political parties to Bong and Nimba Counties.

At each stop, a mammoth crowd greeted them, and addressing them, Boakai and his team promised to liberate Liberia from the “bad leadership” under President Weah. They accused the Weah-led government of reneging on his promise to deliver a better and accused him and his government officials of engaging in massive corruption.

However, addressing scores of supporters in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County over the weekend, President Weah said, contrary to Amb. Boakai’s claims, he ably represented Montserrado County as Senator.

He boasted of being the only Senator among 30 lawmakers to speak against the high cost of passports. Through his advocacy, he said the cost of a passport was reduced.

“For the first time, [Senator] Albert Chea recognized me that the 29 people said passports will be US$50, and I, George Weah said it will never happen. Yet, someone said when I was in the Senate, I didn’t talk. I can’t just talk. When I talk, I must say the right things at the right time. That’s why I can be successful in what I can do.”

He said contrary to his critics’ claims, his government remains the best ever in the history of Liberia. Under his watch, he said he has built more hospitals, roads and housings than any other Liberian President.africanentertainment.com

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