Liberty Party’s Power Struggle Continues


The office of Liberty Party embattled political leader, Nyonblee Kargar-Lawrence has   called on all partisans and supporters to remain calm despite LP Chairman Musa Bility’s continuous drive to hinder the progress of the Liberty Party.

“His efforts not only run contrary to the wishes of Liberians to unburden themselves from the hardship created by the CDC-led government, they also confirm that he is working against the very opposition he claims to be a part of. The LP Leader assures all partisans that Mr. Bility has no executive committee to neither suspend nor expel even a fly from the party,” Sen. Kargar –Lawrence statement has indicated.

“It is regrettable that all efforts we made to unite the party under one leadership were blown away by him, believing that he is the chief manipulator of every system and can get away with anything. The closest opportunity we had to finding a resolution was when the Supreme Court offered its facility to both parties for the implementation of the Farmington MOU which in effect puts Bility on record for criminally altering LP’s Constitution and agreeing to submit to its correction. That correction was done in the presence of both parties on june 8, 2022 in the Library of the Supreme Court of the Republic. Again, he, as usual, rejected the signing of the corrected version, even after participating in its correction. The corrected version was subsequently signed and submitted to NEC with copy sent to the High Court, in accordance with provision of the Constitution empowering the PL to take such measures as to safeguard the interest of LP,” the statement also noted.

 The statement continued: “Thereafter, Mr. Bility has continued to unilaterally pursue actions that run contrary to the Constitution and has practically divided Liberty Party, although he has nothing to control in the institution, but a handful of individuals who support his alien attitude.

Therefore, as now necessitated by his unbecoming behavior that has left Liberty Party polarized, I, as Political Leader, wish to inform all partisans and the public at large, that for the purpose of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, the Logo of Liberty Party shall remain suspended until an impartial judicial forum has fully adjudicated and brought a closure to the intra-party conflict.

By this decision, all partisans are advised to stay away from any and all individuals or institutions that will or are illegally carrying the Logo on posters, billboards, T-shirts, etc. during the electioneering period for the 2023 elections. Meanwhile, I call on all LP partisans to continue working for the restoral of our country so that individuals like Musa Bility will not be allowed to use undue advantage through external influences to subvert justice in our country. Rest assured that we will exert all efforts to restore your cherished party.”

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