Tussle At LDEA Is Inimical To ‘Rescue Mission’

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THE PAGES OF local dailies and airwaves of radio stations in Monrovia and beyond have in recent time captured what appeared to be a leadership tussle at the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA).

WE ARE GREATLY touched and disappointed that Authorities who vowed to combat drugs peddling in Liberia would choose to nurture commotion rather than curbing the use of illegal drugs in the country.

WHILE WE DENOUNCE tussles in work places including government’s ministries and agencies where tax payers’ resources are used to pay those in the employ of government, we equally term as inimical, acts that breed conflicts among people in whom public trust is placed to steer the affairs of the state and its people.

IN THIS PARTICULAR instance, we are baffled with the fiasco at the LDEA where AB Kromah, Al-Hassan Fadiga and Gbawou Kowou are fiercely at loggerheads over administrative, operative and policy differences at the detriment of not only the morale of LDEA, but also Liberians and the country at large.

WHATEVER THEIR GRIEVANCES may be, critics’ negative comments and remarks following the appointments by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai of these now confusion- prone public officials seem to be proving the obvious against the decision of the President’s appointment power in this instance.

FOR US, THE embarrassing standoff at LDEA should serve as a moral lesson for confidants of the President and the power-that-be to always listen to critical voices on public appointments to avoid grave disappointment over the confidence and trust imposed in people to serve their country in government.

HOWEVER, WE EMBRACE the immediate suspension of Kromah, Fadiga and Kowou by President Boakai who has ordered investigation into the saga, hoping that a rigid decision would come to bear on anyone liable for the impasse at LDEA.

IN A NUTSHELL, we remain blunt to say the least, that the current tussle at LDEA is inimical to the ‘Rescue Mission.’  

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