Tragedy Strikes Unity Party Celebration Amidst Presidential Victory


In a shocking turn of events, three hours after the National Elections Commission (NEC declared the Unity Party the winner of the November 14 Presidential Run-off election in Liberia, the celebration at the party’s headquarters took a tragic and violent turn as an unidentified vehicle reportedly plowed into the jubilant crowd, resulting in the alleged deaths of two supporters injuring over fifteen others. According to eyewitness accounts the driver of the unknown vehicle angrily ran into peaceful citizens after parking for more than ten minutes in front of the UP headquarters. Conflicting reports emerge, with some witnesses describing a black jeep and others mentioning a gold taxi, allegedly involved in the incident. “We saw the car parking, and all we thought was that the owner had come to join us in celebration, but only to see him opening the car door and pulling away with excessive speed, resulting in the death of several supporters,” said one eyewitness. After committing the act, the perpetrator set the vehicle ablaze and absconded the scene.  The Liberia National Police has launched a manhunt into the situation.  “The motorcyclist that came for the driver of the gold vehicle was wearing a mask, making it difficult for us to identify the rider.” The incident’s aftermath raises concerns about Liberia’s peace and stability. While NEC’s announcement was meant to mark the conclusion of the electoral process, the violence at the Unity Party headquarters has cast a shadow over the nation’s political landscape. Amidst the tragedy, social media posts from supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change suggest a belief that the incident may have been stage-managed by unidentified individuals.  The implications of such allegations add another layer of complexity to an already tense situation. As Liberia grapples with the aftermath of the electoral victory and the tragic events that unfolded during the celebration, there is a pressing need for thorough investigations and transparent reporting to ensure accountability and maintain the nation’s stability in these challenging times.  By: Richael Saykiemien& EdwinBatteforyen/

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