‘Support Boakai’s Vision To Develop Liberia’ -FombaTrawally Encourages Liberians By: Julius Konton


A renowned Liberian Businessman, FombaTrawally, has rallied Liberians to join ranks with the President -elect, Joseph Boakai in order to help move Liberia forward. The Chief Executive Officer of the National Toiletries Incorporated said the President- elect has bigger plans for the country but indicated that he (Boakai) can only achieve these plans with the support and collective works of all Liberians. “We need to give him the support to do the job that we expect him to do,” Mr. Trawally re-echoed. The Business Executive observed that majority of the sectors in the country are seriously challenged and it is about time to work harder in order to make the difference. The LIBA”s Vice President whilst acknowledging the challenging times in the country, said he  is also certain that Liberians can still make the necessary  changes to ensure that Liberia gets on par with its regional and global counterparts. “It is a huge challenge and we can make it; we can do it together especially reaching thus far,” he added. The “LIBA” Vice President who hailed Liberians and the country in general for helping to maintain the peace including strengthening the country’s democracy, also urged Liberians to put aside their differences and bitter past following the just ended elections and work together as one family to improve the governance and other sectors of the country. He stressed that peace is key and needs to be maintained in order for development to flourish across the country. He also noted that Liberia’s population is fast- growing but it is not a reflection of the economic activities across the country. “We need to do more, we need to be focus on the real time and people center issues and be committed to the dream of helping to move the country forward,” the Business Executive emphasized. Fomba believes that once the local economy can be empowered and strengthened further, the country can do better. He spoke Wednesday, December 27, 2023 at his Whein Town’s office, hours after the official certification ceremony of President- elect Joseph Boakai.

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