UNFORTUNATE, DISRESPECTFUL —Rep. Taylor Rejects Sen. Ballout ‘s Gay Comments.


Maryland County District #3 Representative-elect, Austin Taylor, has termed as unfortunate, comments by former Senator John Ballout, that Marylanders have approved gay rights by voting for President George Weah in the 2023 elections. Former Senator Ballout told the Thursday, December 28 edition of the OK Morning Rush that he considers the people of Maryland County as supporters of gay or same sex marriage based on the huge number of votes they gave to the CDC government. He claimed to have repeatedly sensitized and warned Marylanders that the CDC government has effectively endorsed gay rights and therefore voting for President Weah would mean the people were approving same sex marriage in Liberia. But, in a sharp reaction, Representative-elect Austin Taylor described Senator Ballout’s comments as shocking and disrespectful. Taylor argued that under the Liberian Constitution, no one has the right to question the democratic right of anyone or group of people to choose whom to for and how to vote. He stated that President Weah and the CDC were legally and constitutionally qualified under the laws of the country, and as such, Liberians who voted for him should not be bullied or disrespected in any form or manner. Representative-elect Taylor further argued that it is wrong to insult the democratic wishes of Marylanders because the issue of gay right or same sex marriage was not a campaign message for President Weah and the CDC in Maryland County or anywhere in Liberia. Mr. Taylor is meanwhile calling on Senator Ballout to retract his comments, apologize to the people of Maryland and seek forgiveness. The Maryland District #3 Representative-elect also urged Senator Ballout and all national leaders to refrain from character assassination and stereotyping people in the exercise of their constitutional rights to free speech and choice.

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