Strength Of A Woman Inc. Officially Launched By: Julius Konton


A new women advocacy and empowerment group named and styled “Strength Of A Woman Inc. has been officially launched in Liberia. Serving as Guest Speaker at the program was the Corporate Manager at the Liberia International Ship Car Registry (LISCR), Olivia Johnson, who called on national government to make meaningful policies that will protect and empower Liberian women and girls. According to her, women empowerment can only be fully achieved once gender inequality is eliminated. She wants more opportunities to be given to women especially for equal pay for equal work, including respect as well as dignity for labor. Mrs. Johnson who hailed the Chief Executive Officer of the group, Strength Of A Woman, also challenged her to stand firm and work to ensure that her voice is heard loud enough through constructive advocacies in order to impact women and girls across the country.  “Be a voice that will advocate for quality education for women and girls, be a voice that will advocate against gender based violence, be a voice that will advocate for women empowerment among others, ” she re-emphasized.  The time is now, she stated, for women to stand up and advocate positively to affect the needed change in the society.  The LISCR Corporate Manager observed lots of ills in the society to include rape, sexual exploitation and abuse, domestic violence, among others, which are primarily affecting women and girls as such, she pointed out that more needs to be done to erect the necessary check points in order to empower women and girls for the benefit of the current generation and beyond.  In a happy mood, the Chief Executive Officer of “SOW,” Florence Ballah Korboi promised through her team that they will work to make an impact in the society under their five key pillars of operations.  She used the occasion to encourage her colleagues to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their strength and power as women.

“Women, you are strong, discover your full potential and never underestimate yourself, ” she added. She, at the same, urged them to push forward and not to settle for less but to always aim high and to remain focused and on the right path. “Lots are in us but we need to avoid short cuts and to act now because, the time is now,” she reechoed. The new women empowerment and advocacy group, according to CEO Korboi, will focus on five pillars in order to make impactful changes in the society. She named the pillars as: Women Advocacy, under this, she said they will remind government that women rights are also human rights as such,  should be protected at all times in order to make Liberia a happy and better place for living.  Sanitation, she noted, the group will partner with Community Based Organizations, local and international Non-Governmental organizations as well as the Government to craft appropriate programs and activities geared towards making the country a clean and healthy place to live. As for the reintegration of children and AT Risk Youth, the SOW Inc. head said they will endeavor to create awareness and programs to build the bridge between families and children who are At-Risk. Career Advancement under the fourth pillar, Minister Florence stressed, that they will work to empower single and teenage mothers to get marketable skills training in order to make them independent in the larger society while the final Pillar, Economic Empowerment, she assured the gathering that they will provide micro finance loan for their targeted beneficiaries under the project to ensure effective implementation through the establishment of petty businesses, among others. Meanwhile, the official launching program of SOW coincided with the birthday celebration of SOW’s CEO Korboi as dancing and singing  also as  Minister of the Gospel were the order of the day to climax the double celebrations.

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