Coach Mario Want A More Dynamic Game By: Julius Konton


As the new Head Coach of Liberia, Mario Marinica has hit the ground running as part of his two years contract, there are high expectations from Liberians from him especially with his rich  profile and vise experience in the sector. The Romanian Football manager and former player, now Head Coach of the Senior National Team of Liberia has so far taken two key decisions ahead of Liberia’s encounter with Djibouti late next month. Already,  Coach Mario has appointed two local coaches to include Kelvin Sebwe and Christopher Wesseh to assist him on the local scene. Additionally,  on Saturday,  he released officially a listing of thirty local based players as part of preparations ahead of his first crucial debut encounter in March of 2024. Speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview,  Coach Marinica said he will need a more dynamic approach to the game rather than an eliberate  approach, which  he has so far seen from the local talents.

” I have noticed lots of talents in the Country but also  slowness and even though I don’t have problems with passing  the ball around  but the aim of the game is to score goals and to win the match”, he added.  As part of his plans, the UEFA Pro license coach said he will give massive  chance to local players as he did in Malawi. However, he encouraged the local talents to be mentally fit to raise up their games. At the same time, he urged foreign based players to show extreme quality over the local players and to give their 100% to the national team once call upon avoid of excuses. “There will be competition and the doors are open to everyone,” he noted.

Already he disclosed that he is monitoring 40 foreign based players something he noted is a challenge for him especially smaller Countries normally have problems from his past experience but he and his able team will work on the best solutions possible. “Young players are important and experienced players are also needed and at the same time, we need to have players who are hungry for success as such, we will be looking at a 50/50 balance”, he further explained. Narrating more about his style of play, Coach Mario titled it as “Fast and Very Fast”,  by this, he further explained that he will need a more dynamic approach to the game. “We will need to be quick at transitioning in attacks and in defense and to take scoring opportunities.  Moreover,  he pointed out that the players under his dynamic approach will have to be compact once they lose the ball and to also be very fast in making penetrating moves to get the goals once they win the ball in attacks or revert to a better control of the play. According to him and following his observation, the local talents are slow and will need to be mentally worked on by his deputy to have such Challenge addressed. “I have not seen the Fast and very fast approach of the game amongst local players but we can work on it, I understand that we will have to adopt especially with the quality of players that will be available but at the same time, we will have to remain focus on our principles”, he noted. Speaking about his philosophy,  he named five elements to include: Technical, Tactical, Physical,  Mental, and Social in which he will base his decisions for the betterment of the team and country in general.  Placing more emphasis on social, he stated that there will be three sub- components under his social philosophy in which final determinations will be made. “I will have to know the players lifestyle, their behavior, I will have to ask myself the hard questions like, do they come to the senior National Team to give their 100% or for a stroll in the park which he pointed out will not work under his watch”, he added.  Mario stressed that he will need under his social component foreign based Players who will come to give their 100% commitment to the team and the country in general void of excuses. At the same , the new Liberian Head Coach named the integration of players with staffs and colleagues during training  and practice sessions including players integration into the  match and match preparations which he added  will also be  keenly observed under the social component of his philosophy respectively.  In particular,  I will need players who are fast, with energy,  education and 100% consistency in a match, players who will do the tactical things the right way, “he emphasized.  As the bench mark from Coach Marinica’s team has been setup to ensure that the best players fits in, he was also quick to add that he has not had an experience with outside interferences with and on his job and will welcome recommendations especially on the scouting of players but he and his technical team will always have the final and professional say and will make the right decisions. “My game is to win, and I promise to do that for Liberians as I remain on my commitment to qualify Liberia for Morocco 2025 Nations Cup”, he reassures the sporting populace across the Country. In a short space of time of preparations, The Liberian Head Coach told our reporter that he has already started following his Djibouti’s counterpart and can clear say that unlike before, they are a better side and he needs to do more in order to overpower them and regain the smiles and trust that Liberians once had for the Nation’s proud and joy, the Lone Star of Liberia which has been lacking for years.

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