Amb. Endee Requests Investigation Into Dismissal Of Criminal Proceedings By: Yassah J Wright


Ambassador Julie Endee has written a letter to Chief Justice Sie-A-NyeneYuoh on Friday, February 24,2024, urging her to open an independent investigation and pressing for that body to probe Cllr. Benshuben Keita, legal advisor to President Joseph Boakai and Attorney Alfred F. Bandiyo, city solicitor, Monrovia City Court for unilaterally releasing a criminal defendant, Nayapougma Oldpa Yeazeahn AKA Prophet Key . The letter was shared with the Monrovia City Court of Magistrate Ben Barco and the media. It criticized Cllr. Keita for usurping the function of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) by instructing Atty. Bandiyo to dismiss the criminal charges against Prophet Key for the commission of the crimes: Criminal Coercion, Menacing and Disorderly Conduct without her consent. “Cllr. Benshuben Keita is a private lawyer whose job is to advise the president on legal issues, he is not the Minister of Justice nor the Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia to instruct government lawyers to dismiss my case without any respect or courtesy given to me since I am the complainant,” Ambassador Endee wrote. On February 15, Prophet Key was arrested and brought under the jurisdiction of the court to answer to the writ of arrest, but his lawyer, Bandiyo asked for the case to be postponed on a later date because he was hired by the defendant, and Magistrate Barco accepted the request and allowed the lawyer to walk away with the defendant without filing a Valid Criminal Appearance Bond, according to the Ambassador letter. She argued that the conduct exhibited by Cllr. Keita and Atty. Bandiyo to dismiss the criminal charges in favor of the defendant without her consent, especially when the case is assigned for Friday, February 22, 2024, grossly undermines the rule of law and the entire judicial system of Liberia. Her letter further argued that the case was reassigned on February 19, 2024, and “I was made to take oath in order to explain my side of the case and to provide the pieces of evidence in my possession, but my private and the government lawyers requested for the case to be postponed to Friday, February 22, 2024; for the purpose of sharing the pieces of evidence with the defendant and his lawyers on Wednesday, February 20, 2024, and to proceed with the case on its merits,” she noted. “It will interest you to know Your Honor, that to my dismay and without my consent, the City Solicitor Bandiyo entered a plea of nolle prosequi prose-quoi and dismissed the criminal charges against the defendant based on instruction of Clir. Keita, ” she wrote. ” I have been intentionally, knowingly and purposely verbally abused by the defendant, Prophet Key on several international and national online platforms in which I have slept with the former presidents, Charles G. Taylor, George M. Weah,” she further indicated.

According to her, the defendant action denigrated, defamed and damaged her hard-earned reputation over the years, even to the extent that cannot get a job. She said the defendant accused her of attempting to sleep with Mr. Amos Tweh, Secretary-General General of the ruling Unity Party.  The letter accused Prophet Key saying, ” That I will take Juli Endee to the zoes to deal with her if she doesn’t take the case from the court, and the George Weah’s government will be her last government and she will not work in any government again, unless I am not the prophet working with the zoe.” “This verbal abuse has caused me mental and psychological torture and disturbance to my womanhood, and because I strongly believe in democracy and respect for the rule of law; I therefore deserve justice to be served irrespective of who appears before the law,” the letter noted.  The letter also noted: ” I remain a law-abiding citizen and humbly seek your timely intervention in this matter in order to ask Cllr. Benshuben Keita and Atty. Alfred F Bandiyo to give reason why my case was dismissed without my consent because I have all the pieces of evidence for which the government lawyers and the Monrovia City Court issued the Writ of Arrest against the defendant, NayapougmaOldpaYeazeahn AKA Prophet Key.” It can be re-called that Madam Endee accused the legal advisor in the office of the President of unlawfully requesting the Supreme Court to turn down the case because she lacked sufficient evidence to provide against Yeazeahn AKA Prophet Key. The unexpected dismissal of the case by the state prosecutors through a nolle prosequi request has left Ambassador Endee feeling dissatisfied and shocked, as she believes there was sufficient evidence to proceed with the prosecution. “How could they treat me this way? I provided all the evidence, and they said it was enough to charge Prophet Key,” she said.  “I was abused and threatened by Prophet Key, but they are now saying I don’t have any evidence to proceed with the proceedings. And where is the justice that I deserved?” She asked tearfully. According to her, she took her case to court because she believes in democracy and the rule of law. “Is this the justice I went there to seek? I will not rest until the case is heard. And even if I never had evidence, could they not allow me to explain myself before dismissing the case without informing me?” Moreover, Madam Endee vowed to seek justice by all available means, involving President Joseph N. Boakai and informing the international community about the situation. Her determination to advocate for her rights and pursue justice remains steadfast despite the unexpected events in the legal proceedings. On February 20, 2024, the Cultural Ambassador JuliEndee team of lawyers dropped all charges against Prophet Key at the Monrovia City Court. According to the court records, Madam Endee lawyers wrote the court through her lawyers thereby entering the plea of noli prose-quoi of the charge of Criminal Coercion, Menacing and Disorderly Conduct against the Defendant  Prophet Key in these proceedings due to lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute and may re-file if the need arises. As a result, Monrovia City Court Judge  Barco accepted Madam Endee’s reported request and dismissed the case. The Prosecution was represented by Cllr. Swahilo Sesay, acting County Attorney for Montserrado, Atty Young and Cllr. Joseph Sammy while  Prophet Key was represented by Atty. Senwar Fallah and others. On February, 19, 2024, Endee lawyers  prayed the Monrovia City Court Judge that the popular Social Media Talk-show host Prophet Key should be restricted from leaving Liberia until legal servitude surrounding him is addressed amicably. The application of Prophet Key traveling restriction was made by the Prosecution Lawyers, representing Endee, when the social media talk-show host appeared at the Monrovia City Court on Monday, February 19, 2024. The prosecution told the court that Prophet Key should bring before the court’s jurisdiction, his traveling document, while the trial is ongoing. They had earlier prayed the court to issue a Writ Ne Exeat Republica, to prevent Defendant  Prophet Key from leaving the country, which the court  agreed but was yet to grant it. Prophet Key had easily filed a Reconnaissance Bond at the Monrovia City Court when he was arrested and brought before its jurisdiction based on a writ filed against him by Endee. The court took note of the prosecution request to issue a traveling restriction on Prophet Key, as the court orders him to file Criminal Insurance Bond. The prosecution on Monday, February 19, requested the court to rescind said bond and mandate him to file a Criminal Insurance Bond, which was granted by Judge Barco. Prophet Key Lawyer, Atty. Senwar Fallah informed  reporters that his client has up to Tuesday, February 20, at 1:00 P.M. to file said bond. He said the counts in the lawsuit filed against his client were misdemeanor offenses whose bond may not exceed US$4,000 (Four Thousand USD), as such his client has property values that can serve said deed.

Fallah lamented that his client had initially been granted a bond by an insurance company, but before the case, the company called, revoking the bond. At the grounds of the Temple of Justice, Madam Endee expressed her belief in the judicial system of Liberia, remarking that the progression of the case demonstrates the efficacy of the Liberian judiciary system and pledged to see the case through to its conclusion. She emphasized that regardless of one’s status, everyone’s rights have limits, and respect for others’ rights is paramount. Endee thanked all women, who supported her and reiterated that whether Prophet Key is released on bail or not, it is his constitutional right. She affirmed her commitment to fulfilling her promise of bringing him to court. Prophet Key has accused Liberia Cultural Ambassador, JuliEndee of sleeping with ex Presidents and Unity Party Secretary General. Accordingly, he informed the public through his online platform that the Liberian Cultural Ambassador Endee, is a prostitute and she had slept with former President Charles Taylor, the past President George M. Weah to solicit job. He alleged that Madam Endee wants to bring the same speed in President Joseph N. Boakai’s Administration to sustain the Cultural Ambassador job and which will not work while he is supporting  President Boakai’s agenda.  Prophet Key claimed that Madam Endee is currently sleeping with  Unity Party Secretary General Amos Tweh to maintain her position as Cultural Ambassador of Liberia.  Madam Endee sued  Prophet Key  for the crimes of Criminal Coercion, Menacing and Disorderly Condition. Liberia Cultural Ambassador Endee informed the court that Prophet Key threatened her on his social media talks-how that he will ensure that she never has the opportunity to work in any other government in her time in Liberia thereby placing her in fear. She further said  Prophet Key is doing this with the intent and purpose to bring her to public ridicule and shame. Madam Endee in her compliant to the court, stated that the act of  Prophet Key is criminal, illegal and unconstitutional of the crime she mentioned that he did do and commit for which he was issued a writ of arrest. She further said   Prophet Key said in the month of December2023 in his video podcast on social media  willfully, intentionally and purposefully, informing the public about such a thing concerning her character. Madam Endee wants the court to adjudge  Prophet Key liable to her for damages in the amount not less than US$5,000,000.00 (Five Million United States Dollars) for general damages to be decided by the trial jury and US$300,000.00 in punitive damages and US$250,000.00 for successful attorney fees for the following factual and legal reasons.

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