Gov’t To Set Up Stations, Equipment -For Deplorable Road Corridors By: Julius Konton


The statement by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai during his inaugural address that no car will be stuck in the mud is gradually being worked on by this government especially, the implementation component.  As part of said drive, according to Presidential Press Secretary Kula Fofana, the government will identify station points at strategic positions with visible road equipment in order to make necessary interventions. The initiative to be backed by the AFL engineering battalion,  Madam Fofana told Executive Mansion reporters, will ensure that impassible road corridors across the country will be pliable in order to create easy access for  the smooth movement of goods and services which will eventually and greatly  help the people in rural and hard to reach places. President Boakai, she stated, places premier on Roads and Agriculture under his government’s ARREST Agenda and will continue to work in such direction in order to deliver and fulfill on his commitments.  Good roads under the Agriculture sector are key and as such, the needed interventions, if made, will gradually be a boost and a timely beginning for the sector, she added. At the same, the Presidential Press Secretary rallied Liberians to embrace development and collective efforts in ensuring that the Unity Party- led government succeeds. The Government with one month and few days old,  she pointed out, is already implementing some of  its 100 days’ deliverables ahead of the official launch of its programs and activities in the country soon. Currently, Madam Fofana indicated that  government line ministries and agencies  are submitting their  programs and activities in line with the ARREST Agenda to a specific committee in order to ensure that impact and deliverables are achieved to the core. President Boakai, she said, remains committed to his plans for the people and will do all in his legal power to work in their interest.

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