“Stop Premature Yelling, Showboating” -Sen. Dillon Tells Colleagues By: Yassah J Wright


Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has urged his colleagues  at the Capitol Building to desist from what he described as premature yelling and showboating regarding the transparency, accountability and integrity of government 285 earth-moving equipment. The Government of Liberia through the Minister of State Without Portfolio over the weekend disclosed that 285 earth-moving equipment will be in the country from china. During day-two of the government Cabinet Retreat, which was held at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Monrovia, Minister of State Without Portfolio, Mamaka Bility, disclosed that the government will be bringing in 285 earth-moving equipment from china. ” The government will be bringing 285 earth-moving machines to Liberia from china. This is intended for road constructions across Liberia, 19 of the Machines will be assigned to each County. The machines are from China,” Minister Bility made the disclosure while making a PowerPoint presentation at the retreat.  However, this disclosure by the Minister of State Without Portfolio has raised more questions and debate on the transparency, accountability and integrity among lawmakers, particularly Grand Kru County Senator Augustine Chea, Montserrado County District #9 Representative Frank Saah Foko and Bomi County Senator Edwin M. Snow, who demand full disclosure of the government pronouncement. However, responding to his colleagues, Senator  Dillon, justifying the government action wrote on his official Facebook page Monday, May 27, 2024 and indicated that under Liberian governance system, the Executive Branch is authorized, empowered and allowed to negotiate and secure concession deals, financing, loan agreements, enter into bilateral and or multibilateral agreements, sign international Treaties and or Protocols, on behalf of the country and people of Liberia. He further argued that under any and all such circumstances, the Legislature must ratify in order to bind the country and people of Liberia to any such deals or agreements. “So, yes … a video presentation at a Cabinet Retreat under the Executive Branch displaying ongoing negotiations for road equipment is NOT a consummated and binding deal yet; and we welcome the much talk-about 285 earth-moving (road) equipment being negotiated by the Executive, after which the Legislature will have to conclude by ratification or rejection thereof … where necessary” Senator Dillon added.  But, he noted that the Legislature comes into play mainly and only after the Executive shall have concluded all necessary and required processes leading to consummation of such deals and or agreements. “Until then, the Executive should be allowed to carry on its function whilst the Legislature awaits its time to act in the interest of transparency and accountability. No premature yelling, no showboating and no grandstanding” he concluded. For his part, Minister Paul explaining the benefits of the government earth-moving equipment, said that the equipment will provide access to roads and increase economic activities.  Here are some potential benefits of what the 19 earth-moving road construction equipment would do for a county like Grand Kru in the southeast. Improved Infrastructure. The equipment would facilitate the construction of better roads and highways in the county. This would lead to enhanced connectivity between different towns and communities, making it easier for people to travel for work, education, healthcare, and other essential services” he noted.  Expanding on the economic Development opportunity, he said that the equipment will better roads would attract investment and economic activities to the county.

He noted that this road construction equipment are hitting the counties soon which clearly indicate that President Joseph Nyumah Boakai is serious about road construction and agriculture.  Minister Paul believes that with the improved infrastructure, businesses would find it more convenient to transport goods and services, leading to increased trade and productivity, something he adds could create job opportunities and boost the local economy. The former Liberian Journalist lamented that it will also enhanced access to basic Services which means that the equipment would enable the construction of roads to remote areas, which are currently difficult to access. This would allow for the delivery of essential services such as healthcare, education, and electricity to previously underserved communities. He indicated that it would also improve access to markets, enabling farmers to sell their produce more easily. “Increased Cultural and Tourism Potential. Grand Kru County is known for its natural beauty, including pristine beaches, cultural sites, and rainforests. Better roads would promote the preservation of cultural heritage and attract tourists, leading to increased revenue from tourism-related activities. This could create employment opportunities in the hospitality and tourism sectors, benefiting the local community” he stated. He further stated that the equipment will also provide safety and reduced travel Time because it would help in the construction of safer roads, reducing accidents and fatalities.  “Moreover, better roads would result in shorter travel times in that part of the country, making transportation more efficient and convenient for both residents and visitors. Overall, the presence of 19 earth-moving road construction equipment in Grand Kru County alone would bring numerous positive impacts, stimulating economic growth, improving access to services, promoting tourism, and enhancing the overall quality of life for the residents” he concluded.

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