“We Are Not Firing Them” – CSA DG Clarifies 40,000 Civil Servants ‘Status


The Director General of Civil Service Agency (CSA), Josiah Jokai, has assured the House of Representatives that no civil servants are being fired or dismissed, despite widespread speculation. Instead, Jokai detailed a new initiative aimed at regularizing the status of 40,000 employees identified in a recent payroll audit.The audit revealed two groups: 19,600 employees who initiated but did not complete the mandatory Personnel Action Notices (PAN), and 20,400 employees who were placed on the payroll without starting the PAN process. Jokai attributed these discrepancies to previous administrative oversights. To address these issues, the CSA has launched the Employee Status Regularization Project. This project aims to complete the PAN process for both groups, ensuring compliance with the Human Resource Policy Manual and Civil Service Standing Orders. Detailed spreadsheets listing the names and employment particulars of the affected employees have been provided to the House Committee on Public Accounts. Jokai emphasized that no one has been removed from the payroll due to incomplete PANs. The CSA’s focus is on legitimizing the employment status of all civil servants, granting them rightful access to job-related benefits and security.  The reform initiative also includes implementing recommendations from the 2022 Payroll Compliance Audit Report, salary advances for civil servants, and new measures for credential verification and background checks. This effort aligns with the Standardization and Remuneration Act, which aims to harmonize Liberia’s national payroll system. The CSA’s commitment to transparency and accountability reflects a significant administrative shift, addressing past inefficiencies and safeguarding the rights of civil servants in Liberia. By: Gibson Gibson/ Lib Latest News231

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