SIANL Climaxes Plastic-Free Week Observance


The President of the Swedish Institute Alumni Network of Liberia (SIANL), Sam Samie Sumo, has delivered a passionate call to action, urging Liberians residing in beach communities to prioritize the preservation of their beaches as a means of safeguarding their environment and their own well-being. Mr. Sumo emphasized that the improper disposal of waste, particularly plastic waste, poses a significant threat to both the fragile ecosystem and the residents of beach communities. He stated, “Throwing dirt and other garbage on the beach is dangerous, and we need to stop these practices and rather protect our beaches. That’s why we are here at Sophie Beach today.” On Saturday, Sept 23, the Swedish-trained scholars, some accompanied by their children, came together on Sophie Beach to diligently clear plastic waste and other pollutants, contributing to a cleaner and more inviting environment. This beach-cleaning initiative, aligned with SIANL’s annual agenda, aimed to spotlight the issue of mismanaged plastic waste by uniting all segments of society in active cleanup efforts. Notably, some residents from the Sophie Beach Community, including Madam NikeraFatu Peterson, joined the effort with enthusiasm and pledged to encourage the community to regularly engage in beach cleaning exercises. She expressed her commitment to working closely with the community members to cease the practice of disposing of garbage on the beach, a common habit among beachside residents. President Sumo announced that future initiatives would involve close collaboration with communities to ensure a sustainable impact. Additionally, the network leveraged social media to raise awareness about sustainable plastic consumption in Liberia, aiming to minimize plastic pollution. As part of these efforts, network members made Facebook posts after the Plastic-Free Week event, sharing valuable information on how to use plastic sustainably. SIANL remains committed to one of its mission of fostering environmental responsibility and community engagement, exemplified by its recent efforts to protect Liberia’s pristine shores.

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