PROCMURA To Launch Nat’l Elections Observatory Satellite


As the October 10, 2023 presidential and legislative elections draw near, a group under the banner ‘Program For Christian Muslim Relations In Africa (PROCMURA), has disclosed plans to launch what it termed as the “National Elections Observatory Satellite and Peace Building Activities” in the country soon. Making the disclosure over the weekend during program marking the celebration of International Day of Peace in Monrovia, PROCMURA Area Advisor, Reverend St. John York, asserted that the organization which is based in Nairobi, Kenya was established in 1948 in order to promote unity and understanding amongst Christian and Muslim so as to live as one people. According to him, PROCMURA came to Liberia at a time when violence broke out between Christian and Muslim, something that led to the burning of mosques and churches. Accordingly, they were very instrumental in ensuring that the Liberia Council of Churches as well as the Inter-religious Council of Liberia intervened in the situation and resolved the dispute between both sides. Rev. York noted that every year both Christian and Muslim across Africa come together in fostering peace and harmony in their respective communities by interacting with each other, adding that the banner of peace should be lifted high in Liberia during these election nearing period. “The activities of PROCMURA are all about promoting peace and understanding among Christian and Muslim. Since its establishment and as the Area Advisor, our work is to advise both Muslim and Christian by providing them the way to proper collaboration, and to live in harmony with one another,” he said. He indicated that both Christian and Muslim have lived and worked together for centuries by understanding and relating to each other in terms of their religions and works. Rev. York asserted that despite Christian being in the majority, they have been very accommodating to their Muslim counterparts in every aspect of society that include, working together in the area of peace, business, governmental circle, as well as developmental initiatives. “Both Christian and Muslim have been coexisting for far too long and nothing is going to disrupt the hard earned peace that we continue to enjoy,” he noted. For his part, the Imam of Morris’s Farm Central Mosque, Hassan Kamara disclosed that peace is the only way forward as such; they (both Christian and Muslim) should collaborate so as to promote and sustained the unity at all times.

He is therefore encouraging both groups to always understand and abide by laws governing their respective religions if peace must exist in the country. According to him, if there is no justice, transparency and kindness, there will be no room for peace but total violence, something he said will not be good for the country.  Imam Kamara noted that President George Weah has been the teacher of peace in the country for far too long because of his action and religious tolerance, something that led to him visiting both churches and mosques aimed at preaching and unity. Also speaking, PROCMURA Associate Area Advisor, Rev. Jallah Lewis McKay disclosed that Christianity and Islam have been working together for the good of the country since it gained independence in 1847, and they are ready to continue that work.

According to him, Liberia has not experienced any major religious conflict, and both religions have been working together to ensure the country independence is upheld. “Liberians are not Jews or Arab people, but we are rather, Kpelleh, Bassa, Mandingo, Via, Lorma and so on. We are traditional people of Africa, from a country called Liberia,” he said.He continued: “As the elections draw near, everyone should look forward for the right information, respect and abide by laws governing the elections and not to engage in any acts of violence.”

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