Notorious Imposter Arrested By: Julius Konton


Police have arrested a man identified as Kelvin F.  Bartee for impersonating as a staff of the West African Examination Council Liberia Office.  According to WAEC-Liberia , Kelvin has, over the past year, been soliciting  monies from stakeholders under the disguise as a staff of WAEC with the assurance of helping them pass the public test. The situation which embarrassed the Council subsequently led to a one- year massive  public search for Kelvin thereby providing his information everywhere  which eventually led to his arrest. According to WAEC-Liberia, Kelvin and his team have been involved in such dubious act for a year now.  In a bid to continue his alleged criminal act, he was arrested by the Police on April 25, 2024 while in route to dupe another school to add to his list of victims. “We have been making frantic efforts to have Kelvin arrested and we are so happy now that he has finally been arrested.  Let the law take its course,” an official of WAEC-Liberia stated. Explaining more about his arrest, an official of WAEC said Kelvin called  the Principal of G. Edwin Bryant Academy, informing him that WAEC-Liberia will use his school’s facility as one of the centers for the conduct of the Exams and that will give him, the Principal and his school the advantage but following the public information, the Principal hastily called WAEC-Liberia Head Office and he then called Kelvin to come at his office to collect his money and it was at that point,  the G. Edwin Bryant Academy Head called the police and have Kelvin arrested at the Kesselly Boulevard area. Following police investigation, Kelvin was charged with Impersonation and Theft of Property and is currently behind bars. WAEC-Liberia who commended the Principal of The G. Edwin Bryant Academy for a job well done also hailed the police for being proactive in executing the arrest as well as enforcing the law to the letter. WAEC-Liberia used the occasion to warn other stakeholders to be aware of such dubious people in the society and encouraged them to make maximum use of their offices and office contacts including accurate addresses as a means of getting up to date information instead of dealing with outsiders or potential criminals. According to latest investigation, Kelvin, continuing his usual dubious act prior to his arrest, took to the social media with photos of Nimba County Jersey and banner soliciting money on behalf of the county to support the team and players.  ” Your Support is needed for our team”, his post added. Following investigation, Kelvin’s number posted for mobile money for the support to Nimba County team was confirmed as : Bob Alphanso Duo with number as : 0886771914, even though he told the police that his name is Kelvin F. Bartee.


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