Dr. Benjamin Wehyee Appreciates Boakai For Appointment By: Julius Konton


The President of LICOSES College Of Education Dr. Benjamin  Wehyee, has hailed President Joseph Nyuma Boakai for his appointment as one of the  members of the National Education Advisory Board. Dr. Wehyee along with other educators in the sector were appointed by the Liberian leader to help work together in strengthening it . The President’s latest appointments were in line with the 2011 Education act which calls for among other things, the establishment of a National Education Advisory Board to help the sector and also provide professional pieces of advice to the President for possible consideration. “I see this very shocking but also timely and I appreciate this . I have been proposing several good ideas to help improve the sector and now that I am a part of it, I see this as an opportunity to make maximun use in order for us to collectively and professionally work to improve the sector “, he told our reporter.  According to him, he believes that merit based initiatives will take place under the Boakai’s led government.  The young  Liberian Educator said it is time that the Country graduate from mediocre to a merit based system.

” Those who merit scholarship and elevation should be given the opportunity but not for the select few based on political, family and tribal lines”, he emphasized.  As a new member of the National Education Advisory Board, the LICOSES President stressed that as part of his first recommendation to his colleagues, he wants subsidy to be given to merit based institutions and not to politicians who have Schools or the powerful elite class. “In order to promote quality education and competition among schools, let the government subsidize the top fifty schools that will perform exceptionally well in the National Exams and also give incentives to teachers who are teaching in areas that the government see as important to their development plan” this he said will help shape the sector for the better. Pointing out some specific improvements within the sector, Dr. Wehyee said there have been some gains and improvements made  unlike before. He named the increase in enrollment of girls in schools, the performance of students at the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Exams (WASSCE) as well as urban students ages commensorating with their classes unlike before among others as some improvements.  However, he indicated that there is little attention for  boys as their focus and performance level have dropped due to social economic reasons to include, bikes riding and substance abuse respectively.  “On the overall; we have an upward trend of improvements in the sector but more still needs to be done especially in terms of reshaping  the Education system towards technical vocational education.  This he told our reporter when done will enable the young people to have hands on knowledge and skills that will empower and sustain them. In an effort to further accelerate  such plan,  Dr. Wehyee recommends the elevation of the Booker T. Washington Institute in Kakata City to a full flesh technical University.  Additionally, he calls for the elevation of the Monrovia Vocational Technical Institute, nothing that it should not going forward as part of its  elevation be succum to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.  The proposal in the making by the National Legislature to have a National Technical And Vocational Education Commission he stated is the best way to go in order to fully regulate such key sub sector of the country. “Liberia is fully knowledge or academic base and that needs to change, we need to give other young  people the chance and space to operate and explore more in order for them to contribute their quota to National development “, he reechoed.  Dr. Wehyee also added his voice to that of the many voices to call for National government to live up to its commitment signed with international partners and organizations aimed  at ensuing 20% of the National budget support be given to the educational sector.  The Liberian Educator who praised the current government especially the Legislature for seeing the need to prioritize the health and educational sectors of the Country through the current national budget at the same time encouraged them to do their best for the benefit of the students and Country at large. Meanwhile, he appreciated the Charge d’affairs of the US Embassy near Monrovia Catherine Rodriguez for what he describes as a meaningful and historical courtesy visit to the facility of LICOSES College Of Education in the GSA road community on Monday. “We were glad to have the US Diplomat to our offices, we presented our vision, plan of action as well as our sustainable plans of our institution to her, she met with some of our aspirant teachers, interacted with our students and she was so impressed and we are grateful “, he narrated in smiling and happy mood. LICOSES College Of Education is one of the partners of USAID Test Activity as part of a Cohort of eight universities.  According to him, he sees the courtesy visit as an initiation beyond the USAID test activity and he was thrilled by such recognition which has further motivated he and his team to do more within the sector.

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