Min. Rennie Takes Swipe At Boakai Says UP Leader Sounds Unpatriotic


Information Minister Ledgerhood J. Rennie has questioned the patriotism, love, and sense of nationhood of Mr. Joseph N. Boakai of the erstwhile ruling Unity Party.


Vice President of Liberia who said he sees no reason why Liberians should celebrate the upcoming 176th Independence Day anniversary on July 26 of this year.


“As an elderly statesman and former Vice-President of a country to say nothing has been achieved and so Liberians should not celebrate Independence Day is a mind-boggling statement and one least expected of him when his Unity Party government celebrated 12 years of independence anniversary without asking his boss (President Sirleaf) why should Liberians celebrate Independence Day,” Rennie wondered.


“In the few days, we’ll be celebrating 176 years as a nation. And one time, I asked somebody when we celebrate Independence Day, what do we celebrate? Is it the years or the developments?”, UP Boakai asked when he spoke in Bong County recently.


Boakai also accused the CDC government of not providing an equal access to education rather than providing “kush” to them as a way of destroying their future, saying that even the Kokoryah to Grand Bassa corridor is not been important to the current administration.


“The Bong Technical College, our young people have to move to Monrovia, and they have to pay rent, instead of paving the road, instead of giving them education, they say we will give them “kush”, the former Vice President Boakai said.


Based on the statement, Minister Rennie deeply criticized the discerning ability of the former Vice President, saying that as a former statesman Boakai was least expected to have questioned why Liberians should celebrate the nation’s independence.


Rennie averred that the country has achieved so much to celebrate, urging the citizenry to gather on that day to lift the country and its flag to the outside world for the tremendous strides it has made and achieved.


“Sometimes it is mind-boggling to hear people of such caliber speak as if they are High School or Junior High School students. It is such a shame to this country… this is the man of 40 years plus in public service, rising through the ranks and file of our country in different levels of government and becoming the Vice President of our country.


“And he speaks the way he speaks. By speaking the way he speaks, questioning why we celebrate independence. He saw 12 years celebrating independence of our country as Vice President but never did he ask his boss why she was celebrating independence. Did he ask his boss?” Minister Rennie wondered.


Speaking as guest on the LBS Super Morning Show on Monday in Monrovia, the Government spokesman was clear and said that “Liberia has to celebrate its sovereignty, our oneness in diversity, the peace and security, the collective well-being, and sense of patriotism to the country.


Min. Rennie stressed that though there may have been internal issues, but to ask why Liberians should celebrate their independence anniversary becomes questionable on the part of Joseph Boakai.


He further noted that the statement coming from the former Vice President indicates his eagerness to assume the highest office of the land leaves his reasoning now questionable, adding that the former Vice President has perhaps lost his sense of reasoning.


The Minister reminded the UP Standard Bearer Boakai that the young people that were taking drugs during the UP government are the young people this government has been working on to resolve, adding that it was during the UP government that Super Fridays came into being when students used to neglect their classes to go on the various beaches to “celebrate” taking drugs on Fridays.


“The story sleeping with the dead book brought into international glare by former BBC editor-in-chief of the Focus on Africa, Robin White, when he visited here. The BBC magazine sleeping with the dead when our brothers and sisters were taking drugs, sleeping in the various cemeteries, was it President Weah in power?” Rennie asked.


He added: “It means he is not fit for the office, the presidency of our country, and that’s how I react to his statement. To even charge the President of bringing drugs into the country is ridiculous so to speak because he knows the truth.”


Commenting on Liberia’s candidature for a non-permanent member seat being endorsed on the United Nations Security Council by the African Union recently in Nairobi, Kenya, the government’s spokesman welcomed this “historical moment” because he believes that this an attestation that Liberia remains a responsible member of the African Union.


According to him, Liberia has “a rich history” of championing the independence of many African nations, adding that, in fact, Liberia is a founding member of the League of Nations, also the Charter of the United Nations.


“We are big country historically so giving Liberia the nod is the attestation that countries believe and trust in the leadership of Liberia internationally, and we will continue to be that shinning bulb,” the minister stated.


The MICAT boss recalled that over two decades ago, the country was like a baby being carried around trying to nurture some level of stability, noting that the story has changed and as he speaks, “Liberia is now contributing to the peace across the world.”


He noted that the country is contributing to the peace in Mali, Sudan, and other nations.


“We have resumed our responsibility as one of Africa’s leading countries in terms of Pan-Africanism in promoting the world’s peace and democracy, so President Weah is very clear about that, Liberia remains the champion of peace and democracy worldwide; all of our positions are being in line with ensuring peace and democratic tenets and values across the globe,” Minister Rennie affirmed.


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