NPP Top Executives Warns Expelled Chairman



James Biney, who was kicked out of the National Patriotic Party and is now Co-Chairman of the campaign team for the opposition Unity Party, which is headed by former Vice President Joseph Boakai, has been forcefully advised not to use the name of the party.


George Mulbah, the national chairman of the NPP, stated that Senator Biney’s false representation of himself as the party’s national chairman in the opposition community constituted a violation of the party’s charter, and the party would not hesitate to pursue legal recourse.


Attorney Mulbah stated during a press conference held at the NPP headquarters over the weekend said Senator James Biney, who is currently the Co-Chairman of the Campaign Committee for Joseph Boakai for 2023 elections, has been using the name of the party in the opposition camp ever since he was expelled from the NPP.


He outlined the efforts the former National Chairman has started that are intended to split the party’s rank and file. “We have been silent thinking he will one come to his senses and desist, but it seems that he is going too far, we will take legal action if he continues to do so.”


In response to Ambassador Joseph Boakai’s warning to detain and seize the assets of CDC government officials if elected as president, the NPP National Chairman said, he vehemently disagreed with the words made by the leader of the Unity Party and called it a “witch hunt” of government officials.


He claimed that government officials are ready to defend themselves and will never allow themselves to be threatened by any political group.


The National Secretary General of the NPP, Andrew Peters, ascribed Joseph Boakai’s missed opportunity to the Unity Party-led administration being three times more corrupt than those who, in his opinion, are corrupt.


The Unity Party can never defeat the coalition in the 2023 elections, in his view, thus the CDC-led government can never feel endangered by Ambassador Boakai’s threats of prosecution.


The NPP National Secretary General made it clear that, contrary to what they are stating, they lack the numbers necessary to overthrow the CDC-led administration.


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