Fire kills Grand Gedeh Police Commander


The Second Police Regional Commander To Die Tragically In Over 2 Years

The Police Regional Command in Liberia’s southeastern Grand Gedeh County has suffered another tragic loss of another of its commanders in the city of Zwedru.


Reports from the area say locals are in shock with some said to be panic over the  death of current Police Regional Commander, Anthony Weah who died in pre-dawn fire disaster that gutted his residence in Zwedru by 4 am GMT.


It is so far not clear what caused the fire which burnt the house to ashes, leaving the police regional commander dead.


His predecessor, Alexander Saye was gruesomely murdered over two years ago but the killer is yet to be brought to justice.


It is said that commander Anthony Weah was preparing for a trip to his family in Monrovia to spend the July 26 Independence Day of Liberia, which falls on next Tuesday when the tragedy struck.


Some citizens who spoke on condition of anonymity said even though some people are saying it is electrical shock, they suspect something else, because the fire started at the door of the Police Regional Commander who fought to save his life but he was unable due to iron bars at both the door and windows.


What remains unclear is whether it was the police regional commander alone was in the house at time or there were others in nearby rooms.


A report says by the time community dwellers went to the scene, they could not do much because the blaze was out of control.


The fallen Police Regional Commander Anthony Weah served in this capacity for 2 years and 7 months (since January 18, 2021), following the killing of his predecessor, the late officer Alexander Saye.


Commander Alexander Saye was allegedly shot by a National Security Agency officer Sampson Pennue who is a brother of Senator Zoe Emmanuel Pennue but sadly, the case was dismissed based on self-interest. by Garmah Never Lomo,

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