ALP Denies Media Reports


Monrovia, Liberia – July 23, 2023: The All Liberian Party (ALP) today, strongly refutes the recent claims made by certain media outlets alleging that its  political leader, Hon. Benoni Urey held a meeting with officials of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) at Boulevard Palace Hotel. The party categorically assert that these reports are entirely false and without any basis in truth.

According to a statement issued by the ALP, says the party under the principled leadership of Hon. Benoni Urey, maintains transparency and integrity as the cornerstones of our political activities. We stand committed to upholding the values of honesty and accountability.

Furthermore, the All Liberian Party is grateful for the show of support and recognition it has received from several other political parties seeking our collaboration in the forthcoming general and presidential elections. As a democratic institution, we value the opportunity to engage with other political parties and explore potential alliances that will benefit the people of Liberia.

Meanwhile, the ALP says it remains committed to forging new partnerships based on shared values and mutual respect.

At the same All Liberian Party also mentioned that, as a recognized political entity, it reserves its right to engage and be engaged by other political parties in a democratic spirit. We firmly believe that constructive dialogue and cooperation between different political forces can foster national progress and development.

In a concluding statement, the ALP says, as they move forward, the party remains dedicated to its mission of promoting the welfare of the Liberian people and working towards a prosperous and inclusive society; calls upon all citizens to stand united in the pursuit of a better future for our beloved nation.

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