Man, 31, Faces Court Trial – For Blackmailing Women By: Yassah J Wright


The Liberia National Police has arrested, charged and sentenced to court, one of Liberia’s leading Social Media influencer, Nippy Karpeh alias ‘’Rasodaso,’’ for posting and displaying two Liberian women private part photos and nude video on Facebook. The LNP in a press conference on Monday, May 20, 2024, addressed by its official spokesperson,  Cecelia Clarke, said  Karpeh was arrested over the weekend at the Roberts International Airport when he returned from the UAE where he is residing based upon complaint to the police by two victims, filed May 3, 2024 alleging the suspect of sharing obscene materials on social media concerning them. ‘’ The LNP has arrested suspect Nippy Karpeh for allegedly posting nun photos and video of two females victims on social media. Therefore, in view of the below finding, investigation and the evidence analysis, this investigation has resolved to charge the suspect with the commission of the crimes of disseminating obscene materials, criminal coercion and disorderly conduct,’’ she noted. Madam Clarke noted that his action is in violation with section 18 subchapter 18.7, chapter 14, subchapter 14.27 and chapter 17, subchapter 17.4 of the Revise Penal Law of Liberia. According to her, during police investigation conducted with the victims, as well as the analysis of the evidence provided, the investigation observed that the suspect used social media to cyber-bully and blackmail women as a means to generate funds for his survival. Accordingly, the investigation gathered that both the suspect and victims were involved into affection relationship on social media and while the relationship was ongoing seriously, the both begin calling each other’s on video calls. Madam Clarke further disclosed that their investigation uncovered that suspect Rasodaso on one occasion called on video while the victims were nicked and screen recorded her nun video and photos unknowingly and later posted it on social media because the victims refused to send him cash as requested by him. ‘’The investigation uncovered that the suspect is always in the constant habit of getting into relationship with females and when he succeed in getting their nun photos and video, he turns negative and post them on social media to denigrate them if they refused to give him case as demanded. They had no limitation of video calls based upon the relationship. Meanwhile, speaking briefly in an interview with the suspect, he denied the allegation and said that he is prepared to go to court to prove his innocent. ‘’My brother I am innocent of whatever crimes and charges they have brought against me. When I landed in the country, they arrested me for drugs at the airport, later, they said money laundry and now it’s the commission of the crimes of disseminating obscene materials, criminal coercion and disorderly conduct. My lawyer is outside and I’m ready to prove my innocent in court,’’ Karpeh concluded.

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