Boakai assures no increase in rice prices -After meeting importers


President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has announced that there will be no increment in the price of rice, a staple food in Liberia, following a crucial meeting with rice importers in the country. The assurance was made public via a statement posted on the official Executive Mansion-Liberia page, where President Boakai reiterated his commitment to ensuring food security and affordability for all citizens. The meeting with rice importers comes at a time when concerns over rising food prices have been circulating among Liberians. Rice, being a staple in the Liberian diet, holds significant importance, and any increase in its price could have widespread ramifications on the population’s livelihoods. In his statement, President Boakai expressed appreciation for the cooperation of rice importers in ensuring price stability. He emphasized the government’s efforts to work closely with stakeholders to address any challenges that may arise in the food supply chain. The President’s pronouncement brings relief to many Liberians who were apprehensive about the possibility of a rice price hike, which could have further strained household budgets already facing economic pressures. Furthermore, President Boakai’s commitment underscores the government’s proactive approach to mitigating the impacts of economic fluctuations on the population, particularly in crucial sectors such as food security. As the nation navigates through various challenges, including economic uncertainties and the ongoing recovery from the effects of the global pandemic, President Boakai’s assurance serves as a beacon of hope for Liberians, signaling stability and continuity in the availability and affordability of essential food items. The announcement also highlights the importance of constructive dialogue and collaboration between the government and private sector stakeholders in addressing socio-economic challenges and ensuring the well-being of the population. With the assurance of no increase in rice prices, Liberians can now focus on other pressing issues, confident in their government’s commitment to safeguarding their interests and maintaining stability in essential commodities’ prices. By: Wroinbee Elton Tiah/Ablee-Jay TV

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