LSWC DRAGS DEFIANT CUSTOMERS TO COURT. —MD Gaye says no one is untouchable.


A week after receiving the US$6 Million Would Bank funded major water express line, the Liberia Water Sewer Corporation (LWSC), under the watch of its new managing director, G. Alphonso Gaye, has taken three of its major customers to court for protracted indebtedness, noncompliance and defiance.

Following several failed attempts to claim its legitimate payments from the Diamond Mineral Water Company, City Life Water Company and Ducor Safe Drinking Water Company, the LWSC, on Monday, August 1, 2023, took the two companies to the Debt Court at the Temple of Justice, as part of Senator Gaye’s pledge to justify President George Weah’s mandate to resuscitate and reform the corporation.


The three companies were held liable and made to pay a portion each of what they owe the LWSC, while appealing for time to negotiate with the corporation for the settlement of the remaining amounts.

City Life Water Company made a cash advance payment of US$700.00 (Seven hundred United States Dollars) out the US$6000.00 (Six thousand United States Dollars) it owes, while Diamond Mineral Water Company paid US$1500.00 (One thousand five hundred United States Dollars) out of US$6000.00 (Six thousand United States Dollars) it owes the LWSC as well.

The court officers also moved on to the facility of the Dukor Safe Drinking Water Factory in the Duport Road community but could not gain entry into the company’s compound.

They however placed the seal of the court on the gates of the factory, as a legal notice to the corporation to comply with the proceedings at the court based on the complaint of the LWSC.

This exercise, according to the LWSC management, will continue until the corporation recovers all of its legitimate and much needed revenues.

All of these actions are a manifestation of Senator Gaye’s expressed commitment to closing “all leakages,” both administrative, commercial and technical, that are hampering the corporation’s effective service delivery and its revenue-generating capacity.

Speaking shortly after the court actions were taken, Senator Gaye emphasized that he remains committed to ensuring that the LWSC truly functions as a major income-generating entity with the viability to enhance government’s financial capacity amid major challenges.



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