Liberians Welcome Earth- Moving Equipment’s Arrival, But…. By: Julius Konton

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Japanese free way was colored yellow over the weekend when the government displayed the arrival of the first batch of modern earth – moving road equipment into the country. The tour was headed by the Minister of State without Portfolio, Mamaka Bility. The tour of the equipment to include excavator, tankers, caterpillars and other heavy duty road machines were greeted with applause from Liberians who stood by to witness the parade of these machines and also appreciated the government for such initiative. According to them, the idea and intend of the machines is welcoming but at the same time raised some questions relative to accountability and transparency in the process. In conversation with some Liberians, they challenged the government to disclose the source of funding for the equipment. “We are aware that the government has no money and said equipment surpass the President’s personal budget so where did the money come from, who is behind this, has this met the PPCC process?” they questioned. The happy but at the same time sad citizens also wondered why will the government hide the source of funding of these machines, including the processes that was followed, this looks fishy and we need to be careful,” they blasted. According to some of them, if the government especially the Executive who promised not to do business as usual fail to be accountable to us they will open rooms for us to speculate and that is not for our country “, they added. Not only the ordinary people who are concerned but also members of the National Legislature who are requesting the Executive to provide more details about the arrival of the equipment. Some lawmakers who also embraced the arrival of these equipment call on the Executive to live up to its commitment to the people by being fair, open and transparent to them.  Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Bility disclosed that  the total amount of machines from all categories as part of the project  will be in the tune of 285 with each county expected to benefit 19 pieces. She stated that the machines will help in enhancing road maintenance works across the country.Branded as a presidential project, Minister Bility very excited by the arrival of the first batch of equipment indicated that the project, upon official execution, will help rural dwellers and the country in general.  “Under the ARRESST Agenda , road development is a key pillar and the display of these machines over the weekend are testimonies of the government’s commitment to its people” , she added. As the road machines and equipment have arrived in the Country, training of more technicians as well as the availability of more Manpower, hesvydity drivers, and spare parts of these machines are also of serious concerns to the people “, the emphasized.  In the wake of doubts , speculations and public outcry on the source of funding of the machines , the Executive is yet to make an official statement but the people who are to directly benefit from these equipment demand the government no to do business as usual but to ensure that the right things are done in their interest.

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