Liberians Have Enhanced Sustainable Multi Party Democracy




LIBERIANS HAVE SPOKEN, ensuring a smooth transition from one elected regime to another in honor of the practice of multi party democracy in a country that tendered farewell to brutal civil conflict since August 2003. WITH EXCITED EYES, Liberians saw the trend of competitive presidential and legislative elections; as they longed for re-elections or elections of president, vice president, representatives and senators at the 2023 polls across the country. HONESTLY, THE POLITICAL rigmaroles during the electioneering period glued us focused with strong conviction that Liberians would surely make a rewarding determination at the end of the contestation. NO MATTER THE hurdles experienced during the electoral processes, we salute our fellow compatriots for their pliability demonstrated especially when they- citizens had to make decision twice to determine who becomes president for the next six years. INDEED, LIBERIA HAS proven a smooth transition in succession since the end of the country’s civil conflict; this signals our guarantee and preparedness to uphold and maintain peace, unity and stability in the supreme interest of all. WE GREATLY ADMIRED the swift and timely congratulation extended to President-elect Joseph N. Boakai by outgoing President George M. Weah, who unconditionally accepted defeat from the November 14 presidential runoff election between him and former Vice President Boakai. IN OUR OPINION, exceptionality characterizes President Weah’s decision to harness Liberia’s transition at the time uncertainties beclouded the country, giving the closeness of the elections’ results announced by the National Elections Commission. NOW THAT THE elections have come and gone, it is our fervent hope and sincere prayer to see Liberians united to reconcile their differences, whether political or otherwise, bearing in mind that Liberia is our common denominator to be proud of. ON THIS NOTE, we proudly say, Liberians have enhanced sustainable multi party democracy as a nation and people whose resolve has engendered a spirit of collectivism and the right to freely elect national leaders for a better tomorrow.  

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