Let’s Go Beyond Drugs Test


IF THERE IS anything cutting short the well-being of Liberia’s youthful population, it remains undoubtedly the in-take of harmful substances called illicit drugs. NO ONE CAN in the right frame of mind argue that our communities have not become illicit drugs storage nowadays and the negative consequences range from orchestrated violence to bloodletting, deaths, lawlessness and wanton destruction of properties, amongst others. WHILE WE PROFOUNDLY decry and denounce the wave of social disorder attributed to the manner and form in which the young people are risking their lives, curtailing this heart-breaking way of life in our society requires total clampdown on every manipulative step that continues to nurture the availability of these harmful substances for use by addicts. IN NO WAY we can say that attempts to fight illicit drugs provision and usage have not been made by state actors in the past and even now; however, handling the fight properly has proven unsuccessful over time.  SO YES WE embrace the declaration by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai concerning drugs test which he and Vice President Jeremiah Kpan Koung have taken the lead to undergo. OUR IMAGINATION OF the drugs test move is that government officials would be compelled to undergo the same test in support of the new political dispensation in Liberia under a Boakai era. HOWBEIT, WE MUST go beyond the declared drugs test by ensuring robustly that the importers and peddlers are stopped and denied continuation of this life-threatening venture. BLUNTLY, WE HASTEN to strongly recommend that our security personnel be up to the task in this fight and anyone caught in creating corridors for importation and peddling of illicit drugs must be reprimanded harshly.


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