Boakai’s Request To Use One-Twelfth Budget Reviewed


The  House of Representatives- HOR, has unanimously requested its Ways, Means and Finance Committee, to review President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s plea to spend a little over 41 million United States dollars, to cover the government operations for the month of February 2024. Plenary reached the decision Thursday, February 15, 2024, based on a communication submitted by President Boakai to the august body. President Boakai said in view of the fact that the draft budget for the fiscal year 2024 was returned and is being finalized for resubmission, the operations of the government have to continue to avoid a shutdown.  President Boakai said in view of the above, he is seeking the authorization to spend the amount of US$41,300,000.00 as reflected in the detailed attachment. The President reemphasized that the amount will cover the Government operations for the month of February 2024. Meanwhile, the committee is expected to report to plenary in a period of two weeks.

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