Gbarpolu Lawmaker Holds District Development Meeting


In keeping with his legislative functions, Representative Zinnah Normon of Bopolu Electoral District #1, Gbarpolu County over the weekend held a District Development meeting with citizens of the three Chiefdom of the District. The meeting was called by the Gbarpolu County Lawmaker to brief his citizens of the three Chiefdom about the One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars in the National Budget for allocation of each districts intended for development purposes. Citizens from the Gumabaya, Bondimondigo and Komiga Chiefdoms were represented at the well-attended meeting called by the lawmaker. Representative Zinnah Normon is on record since his election regularly been engaging his people relating to development from the Capitol Building. In that District Development meeting called by the lawmaker it was aged upon by all citizens that every budget year that the one hundred thousand United States Dollars being for each Chiefdom for development. The citizens also agreed that if this so yearly that each Chiefdom should take the fund for development, something they said it is good idea. In that meeting the citizens also lauded the CDC lawmaker with the form and manner in which he has been conducting the affairs of their District since he took over authority of leadership. The citizens stated that past lawmaker never did what Representative Normon is doing. The citizens explained that right after the elections their lawmaker went back to the county to appreciate them for electing him. According to them, the lawmaker mean-well for the citizens and the district at large. The citizens used the occasion to call on the Representative to continue the good works.

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