MIND Condemns GTMS, CTN Cancellation In Liberia


The Movement with Integrity for National Development (MIND) a Civil Society Organization(CSO) has condemned any attempt to cancel the contract of Global Tracking and Maritime Solutions (GTMS) between National Port Authority(NPA) which has been tracking cargos and containers arriving in Liberia through the Cargos Tracking Note(CTN) system. MIND investigation has revealed that GTMS has been effective and efficient over the years tracking items on board of cargos which arrived at the Freeport of Monrovia with all necessary information regarding the security of items on the cargos and cargos from the points of loading abroad making Liberia to compliance with anti-terrorism measures in its Maritime Operations. MIND noted that the United States Coast Guard announced that it was removing the conditions of entry on vessels arriving in Liberia into the United States waters, which has been in place since 2005 due to the fact that Liberia had been found to be one of the countries not maintaining effective counter-terrorism measures at its port. MIND stated that as the result of GTMS Holdings a maritime company that is known for its prudent work in cargo tracking and potential of terrorism activities and illicit products amongst other has saved vessels arriving from Liberia the embarrassment of the special security measures upon arrival in the United States since 2018. MIND lamented the attempt of the Minister of Commerce and Industry Amin Modad recommended to President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to cancel the contract of GTMS and fronting for Med-Tech Scientific Limited while NPA is reviewing GTMS ‘s contract for renewal undermines international compliance of maritime operations. MIND stressed that GTMS has the capability through CTN advanced data declaration and the full integrity of data from shippers of import and export freight and the fact that Minister Modad is seeking cancellation of GTMS contract, it should be condemned in the stronger term. MIND noted that GTMS Holdings is a United Kingdom based company which was first established in 2014 and created effective and efficient cargo tracking system virtually interlinking all major ports to a central database system. MIND indicated that during the public hearing Wednesday at the Liberian Senate, it was demonstrated that Minister Modad and others are really fronting for MedTech but seeking for the cancellation of GTMS based on the high cost of charges goods during port clarence. MIND said at the hearing, the Managing Director of GTMS Madam Aminata Bangura clarified that GTMS has nothing to do with goods charges rather than ensuring that cargos and containers coming to Liberia are saved and without security threat to the country. MIND maintained that Madam Bangura also revealed that when business people go abroad to purchase goods, they some time under declared the actual cost of goods abroad but GTMS can provide the data of pricing of goods abroad to the Liberia Revenue Authority(LRA) to determine the traffic on these goods in collecting effective government revenues from the business community. MIND appealed to President Boakai to maintain the contract of GTMS in Liberia to carryout its good work of tracking cargos and illicit goods in containers as well as making Liberia compliance with international Maritime standard of operation in the marine sector. MIND cited that it is because of GTMS working that 100,000 United States Dollars worth of illicit drugs and guns with ammunition were discovered at the Freeport of Monrovia. MIND believed that as the NPA’s authorities are reviewing the contract of GTMS, they should take into consideration the best interest of Liberian people and the security of the country, noting that GTMS is doing that very well.

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