CSO Country Director Challenges Gov’t To Release Final Approved Budget By: Julius Konton


A civil society organization named and styled “Follow The Money Liberia” has expressed serious concern over the alleged insistence of the Government of Liberia to withhold the final approved budget.  The Executive Director of the Group, Samuel James Kpartor, said the lack of transparency undermines the trust of the Liberian people in their government. Mr. Kpartor alleged that despite repeated requests for openness and accountability, the government continues to withhold critical information regarding the allocation and utilization of public funds.  “This lack of transparency not only violates democratic principles but also facilitates corruption and undermines public confidence,” he re-emphasized. He further indicated that the government’s alleged failure to disclose the final approved budget is indefensible and indicative of broader governance issues. The organization’s head maintained that Liberian citizens have the right to know how their tax contributions are being utilized and expect accountability from their elected representatives. Moreover, he noted that the lack of transparency in budgetary processes hampers efforts to address socio-economic challenges facing the nation. Mr. Kpartor stressed that without access to comprehensive budgetary information, civil society organizations and the general populace are limited in their ability to advocate for change and as well hold the government accountable. The group wants an immediate action from the Government of Liberia to release the final approved budget noting that further delay in providing such essential information will be met with condemnation and perceived as an attempt to evade accountability. He reechoed that the people of Liberia deserve transparency, accountability, and ethical leadership from their government as such, it is imperative that the government prioritizes these principles and demonstrates its commitment to serving the best interests of the Liberian people. Follow The Money Liberia at the same time maintained that they remain steadfast in their mission to promote transparency and accountability in the management of public finances.

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