Bomi County Senator & Former Member Of The Unity Party Hon. Edwin M. Snowe Asserts, His Write-up Is in Direct Response To The ” Block” Voting Reportedly Proposed By The LP, ALP & UP In The CPP Arrangement Ahead Of Their Convention.


“So James F. Kollie, here is the plan; the Unity Party will have all its delegates sign the resolution and have it notarized. The ALP, though I am not sure have up to 310 members, will find just enough signatures and repeat what the Unity Party would do. The Liberty Party is split and the pro democrats in there wouldn’t allow that to happen. Therefore, they will vote independently during the process. As for the ANC, they are sure of what they want as a party and believe in the independence of their delegates. They wouldn’t even entertain such a process that they perceive as being undemocratic. Now here is the outcome, Unity Party and ALP vote in block and lock 620 votes. The two factions in the Liberty Party will split their votes between Joseph Boakai of the UP and Alex Cummings of the ANC. With this formula, Boakai will need just one vote, just one person preferably from Liberty Party, to win the process. It is so clear that this process in only intended to kick Cummings and the ANC out of contention. Once there is block vote, Cummings should consider himself out. It still beats my imagination that any democratic institution, in this day and age, could do that. I just listened to Cummings press conference and it seems to me that he still doesn’t understand the game. I am still in shock that someone wanting to become president of a country wouldn’t trust the partisans or delegates of his own party to vote for him, but rather subject them to coercion and intimidation.

CPP shenanigans”

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