President Weah: “We Will Give Them Double Shovel In 2023”


By: Julius Konton

The political tides ahead of the 2023 general elections is gradually rising with tons of preparations and comments including support  as well as interests surfacing from across the political divides.

As the politicians are now using their political lenses to work on modalities in a move to ensure that they achieve their individual agendas, the ruling establishment is very certain of retaining the nation’s top seat come 2023 elections.

In one of his latest songs, President George Weah said the CDC led government will beat the opposition in what he described as a ‘double shovel victory’ thereby leaving them in Siah-la-Tulah.

He said with the level of work the ruling party has done across the Country, he is overly convinced that they will win the 2023 election landslide unlike what they did in 2017 where they gave the then ruling party ‘Human Madness’ victory .

“When I was a kid in Doe Community, we used to play in the water; but when I returned in 2018, the place has now been changed with paved road as the people are now chanting my name saying Gbekugbeh we love you, We got your back, Liberians love you”, among others, he added.

According to him and despite criticism he remains focused on his goal of developing the ountry and making his people happy.

“If you listen to  the noise in the market , you will not buy what you want to buy”, he emphasized.

The Liberian leader stated that he is a President of less talk and more work including tangible actions intended to transform the lives of his people.

In the song I-marda- Away-Tue, the people shower praises on him with several slogans: Your wake up, He will do it and he is coming, the people’s President, they further indicated.

The Flag bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change bragged that he is not surprise why people jealous him because everything he did before and is currently doing, he has been the best including Best President of Liberia, World Best, African Best and European Best respectively.

As the political climate is getting clouded in the wake of in house fighting , division, personal attacks and political support as well as crossing over among others, only the people will make the final decision after the settlement of the political dust in 2023.


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