Writ Of Arrest For Alleged US$40K Debt Troubles Pepsi Yeke ? By: Yassah J. Wright


Former Executive Director of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), Pepsi K. Yeke has expressed serious discomfort over a recent Writ of Arrest against him, on the allegation of misapplication of entrusted property. Yeke said the allegation in the writ is not true and he is seriously worried about said legal instrument against him. He was ordered arrested by the Stipendiary Magistrate of the Paynesville Magisterial Court for the crime of Misapplication of Entrusted Property, based on a complaint filed against him, by Joseph Jefferson Chesson of the City of Paynesville. The Writ of Arrested which was issued on January 11, to Captain Roosevelt Bryant, Magistrate Police requested that Mr. Yeke be arrested and brought before the court to answer to the crime which violates Section 16.56 of the New Penal Code of Liberia. The Writ of Arrest Noted: “The Republic of Liberia, by and through the Ministry of Justice has charged you, the within-named defendant with the commission of a crime, Misapplication of Entrusted Properties, predicated upon the complaint of the private prosecutor, after he had appeared before the honorable court and sworn upon oath and averred that.” According to the Writ, sometime in August 2023, Defendant Yeke was entrusted with the amount of Forty Thousand United States Dollars (US$40,000.00) to be used for the benefit of the private prosecutor (Jefferson Chesson).

Mr. Chesson further noted that the amount was given to Mr. Yeke because he impressed on his (Chesson) mind that he (Yeke) has the ability and rightfully positioned to the money for the benefit of Chesson, which was agreed upon. However, Complainant Chesson said as of the date and time Mr. Yeme received said amount, his attitude suddenly shifted and refused to pay the said amount.

Chesson said all efforts to ensure the former LACE Boss pays his money since he cannot receive the benefit guarantee him, have not materialized.  This act by Mr. Yeke, according to the court, is wrong, criminal, intentional, and illegal, as such, committing said crime is in gross violation of the statute controlling.  This, according to the court, is contrary to the Statutory Law of Liberia for which Mr. Yeke was ordered arrested. However, Mr. Yeke has reacted to the writ, noting that the information circulating is false, misleading, and a misrepresentation of his character.  While he described it as false and misleading, Yeke noted that he had not officially received said writ of arrest. “It has come to my attention through social media that there’s a warrant for my arrest.  As of Saturday, the 27th of January 2024, I want to make it clear that I haven’t officially received any such writ,” Yeke stressed.  “The circulated information is false, misleading, and a misrepresentation of my character.  I take these allegations seriously and will ensure the law takes its course.” Despite being out of the country, Yeke informed FrontPageAfrica that he has already instructed his lawyers to rigorously verify the existence of any such writ, as he plans to return to Liberia in a few weeks.

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