Wallace Describes Kemayah As Incisive Diplomat By: Julius Konton


Former Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr. continues to received great commendations for his selfless leadership and remarkable achievements at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during his time in office. The latest   commendation has come from the veteran diplomat and former minister of foreign Affairs, George Wallace and former deputy minister for administration, ministry of foreign affairs, Thelma E. Duncan-Sawyer. The two officials believe that former Minister Kemayah has left an indelible mark at the Ministry of Foreign affairs that will forever be remembered. Amb. Wallace and Madam Sawyer were very cheerful as they paid tribute to  former Foreign Minister Kemayah recently in Monrovia. In his remarks Amb. Wallace described Amb. Kemayah as a committed personality and an incisive diplomat par excellence. “The Minister is always looking for the very best things for this nation, a hardworking man. What he stands for is the truth and the correctness of things, in this co-diplomacy, we find fine people, fine people who are also delighted that they are serving in the Republic of Liberia, and we have come together to host this reception for him, is the indication for respect for Minister Kemayah,” he said. For former Deputy Minister for Administration Sawyer, she noted: “The Minister made us work because the Minister work and because we believed in the Minister, and the integrity he wants for the country. He gave us the energy to serve the country. He is a good man; he is honest and have integrity.”  Former Deputy Minister said Ambassador Kemayah served as mentor to her at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasizing that Kemayah is a decent man with a character of high repute.  She also stressed, “Minister Kemayah is a great boss to work with and I look forward to future engagement.”  For her part, Mrs. Dialokai-Golanyon Kemayah, wife of former Minister Kemayah, who was also invited to accompany her husband to the ceremony, rained praises on Ambassador Kemayah, calling him her mentor.  “I prayed to God to give me a husband, he did not just give me a husband, but a mentor, brother, best friend and everything to me,” Rev. Mrs. Kemayah stressed, as she beamed with smiles. “What I just heard from all of you about my husband is like a song to a choir,” she noted.  She continued: “I have known him for more than thirty years and we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. He is supportive in every area that makes a happy couple and I always honor him for being my mentor and nurturing our children in a moral way. I thank God for him being a dedicated public servant and committed worker wherever he works, a servant to humanity in general, a humanitarian, hardworking, and humble.” “He is my promise fulfilled by God,” she added. Academically,  Mrs. Kemayah recalled her husband telling her to do more study if she came from school and mentioned scoring 94%, adding that he would ask for the highest score in the class, pointing out to her that she should not be complacent because he knows her ability, referring to him as a courageous husband which God blessed her with. In response to the honor bestowed on him,  former  Minister Kemayah, on behalf of his wife, family, and in his own name, passionately expressed profound gratitude to the Diplomatic Corps and International Partners for the honor; adding,  “We have become one family, and as the Charge d’Affaires of the United States Embassy said, she is not telling me good bye, instead she gave me kudos for my public service. She is right because we are right around, and the United Nations Resident Coordinator is also right to say that as Ambassador, I’m also a part and one of you.”  Ambassador Kemayah has always termed the Diplomatic Corps and International Partners as indispensable partners of Liberia, who mean very well for Liberia and the Liberian People He expressed his deepest appreciation to the Diplomatic Corps and International Partners for the very kind words reaffirmed by all of them and the confidence reposed in him over the years of working, coordination, cooperation and partnership. Amd. Kemayah stressed that as always, he will continue to stand for transparency and accountability and truth and speak the truth, no matter what.  He acknowledged former President George Manneh Weah’s deep personal and political mentorship to him spanning over the last 6 years of humble, but dedicated and determined service to the country and its people. Former Foreign Minister Kemayah paid tribute to his Wife  Dialokai Golanyon-Kemayah and  family for the sustained courage, hindsight, forthright and unreserved support to him during his public service as  he referred to his wife as blessings and God sent.

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