Vision For The Hopeless Pledges Mobile Clinic Support To CAB By Juliana Noah Johnson


Madam Tenneh Johnson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vision for the Hopeless International, has donated several bags of rice and other medical items to the Christian Association for the Blind (CAB).

Donating the items to the group, Madam Johnson further pledged her organization’s mobile clinic support to CAB whenever there’s an emergency. She added that her medical staff will be there at all times to give clinical support to the visually-impaired persons.

Madam Johnson, making her donation recently at the CAB facilities along the Roberts International Airport highway, emphasized the need for better healthcare for all especially blind people. The humanitarian described blind people, as human beings who’re capable to contribute to nation-building, if we as a nation provide the needed support for them in the areas of healthcare & education.

Receiving the items, CAB Resources Center Executive Officer, Mr. Beyan Kota, expressed how touched he was with the gesture from Ms. Johnson. He especially praised the Vision for the Hopeless CEO for the support in the area of healthcare for members of CAB.

“This is a tremendous help to over 3,000 blind persons under CAB in Montserrado County,” Mr. Kota said. He then assured Ms. Johnson that the donated items will be used for the intended purposes, including feeding of children, using of the masks for protection and toothbrushes.

According to Mr. Kota, CAB, which has established 10 centers in the 15 counties in Liberia, caters to more 6,000 blind people, ranging from children to elderly people.

Meanwhile, Madam Johnson & Mr. Kota are appealing to friends in the diaspora to support the Vision for the Hopeless’ dream of providing free healthcare for all. Mr. Kota believes that if the needed support is given to Ms. Johnson, other institutions like his, will also benefit.

The Vision for Hopeless Mobile Clinic is located in the Thinker’s Village Community while the main clinic facilities are located on the Tower Hill, also along the Roberts International Airport highway. The clinic caters to more than 4,000 people, monthly including pregnant women, children & the elderly. They all receive treatments free of charge.

The Vision for the Hopeless was established in 2010 and by 2021 the healthcare center was built.

Madam Johnson says it’s her own way to contribute to her country’s healthcare system.


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