In response to the allegations made by former Vice President Joseph Boakai, claiming that he offered to deploy 15,000 armed men to disrupt Liberia in 2017, Benoni W. Urey, the Political Leader of the All Liberian Party, strongly refuted these accusations, deeming them as nothing but falsehoods and reckless statements.

During a recent appearance on the Closing Argument talk show, Urey expressed his disappointment and disbelief at the former Vice President’s claims, going as far as accusing him of having been the Chairman of the Lofa Defense Force during the war period.

Urey questioned why Boakai, aspiring to become the President of Liberia, lacks even basic knowledge about the country’s history and age.

Urey dismissed Boakai’s remarks as foolish and urged the public not to take them seriously.

However, Urey revealed that the Youth Congress of his party had urged him to provide guidance on which candidate the party should support in the upcoming elections, a decision that will be made by the party’s National Executive Committee within a week.

Urey emphasized that whenever he is attacked by Boakai and his supporters, he will respond forcefully and reveal everything he knows.

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