Supreme Court Orders NEC To Certificate Kanneh As Mont. District #2 Lawmaker By: Yassah J Wright


The Supreme Court of Liberia has ordered the National Elections Commission (NEC) to resume jurisdiction to certificate Sekou Kanneh as winner of the Montserrado County District Number Two Representative Election. The court said the mere allegation being presented by Doyen could not suffice in said matter since Doyen failed to present any evidence to substantiate said allegations. The high Court revealed that what was presented as Doyen proof was never clear and convincing and he did not present any tangible video or produce the name of the person who was present when his allegations happened, and who made the claims. The court sees no legal and compelling reasons to order a recount in the matter. Doyen’s allegation was denied and the NEC has been ordered by the Supreme Court to proceed with the certification of Sekou Kanneh as winner of Montserrado District Number Two Representative Election. The case, J. Doryen Nimely Independent petitioner vs Sekou Kanneh of Unity Party Defendant, emerged after Bishop Doyen filed a complaint to the Supreme Court to review the NEC Board of Commissioners decision rendered on December 19, 2923, in favor of Representative-elect, Sekou Kanneh. Doyen had prayed for a review of the decision, citing that there was fraud in the process. The man of God turned politician, alleged, that at the close of the poll, votes obtained by each candidate at 138 polling places were counted in the presence of each party representative and these counts made him the presumptive winner. Bishop Doyen said the tally sheet was allegedly tampered with while being transported to the Montserrado County Tallying Center in favor of Sekou Kanneh. He claimed that there were discrepancies and alterations in the numbering of Candidate Kanneh. NEC however described the claims raised by Bishop Doyen as untrue and unfounded and that it was never possible that said number would be altered, this dismissing sad complaint.  However, having reviewed the matter, the Supreme Court said there is no sufficient basis for which there should be a recount in the matter and that Bishop Doyen did not prove these allegations with particular reference to the instance case. “There are 19 precincts established by the NEC in Mont. District #2 and of the 19, no precinct has the number #20219,” Justice Yamie Q. Gbeisay noted while presenting the Supreme Court’s final decision. Therefore the Supreme Court maintained that Doyen’s evidence is not supported by the record before the court and all of the precinct numbers and votes presented by Sekou Kanneh are in line with that of the NEC. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has ordered the NEC to go ahead with the certification of Representative-elect, Sekou Kanneh.

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