“I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A DIME . . . ” -Says 53.34 Carat Diamond Finder


The finder of the 53.34 carat diamond that was found in Gbarpolu County to be precise, in Smith Town, Mohammed Kamara, commonly known  as JR, said he has not received a dime for the price  of the diamond.  “We have not  received any funding from individual or individuals for the Price of diamond claiming by dealer president, Mohammed Konneh, Cllr Frank Musah Dean and Gesler E. Murray,” he noted. Meanwhile, the owner of the controversial 53. 34 diamond has refuted the report made by the Acting President for Gold and Diamond Dealer Association,  Mohammed Kanneh through the Mines and Energy Ministry,  indicating that the diamond  has gone through the legitimate process of sale, challenging them to provide  any document to back their claim.   According  to  him, Mr. Mohammed Kanneh,  the so-called  Gold  and Diamond Dealer President  is  part of the syndicate  with a   single  goal to illegally confiscate their diamond, saying , ‘it will never work.’  Kamara challenged  Kanneh’s recent statement  issued  through  the Mines and Energy Ministry  to provide  any document showing  that he received  two houses in a fence worth USD85000 as  compensation during  the deal.  “The diamond law states that you can’t buy a diamond from the  miner’s boy but the miner proper, I’m  a mining boy who found  the diamond and Pa. David Sluward  is the miner proper,  how can you transact with me leaving Pa. David out?

 “Again, the Civil Law Court ruled against the government to turn the diamond over to us for over a month, they took an appeal to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court has set aside a time to bring verdict, now they coming up with a misleading statement  to misinform the public,” JR. explained.  According to the government in a statement issued on January 8, 2024, the 53.34 carat diamond, which was discovered and recovered in Smith Town, Gbarma Mining District #2, in Gbarpolu County on Claim 12 F/survey was fully documented and accounted for, and therefore met all qualifying requirements for shipment out of the Country.  The government informed the public that the Exporter/Dealer went through all required processes of the Minerals and Mining Law through the Gold and Diamond office at the Ministry, adding that said diamond was exported in full compliance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).  Accordingly, against these allegations, the government has also clarified that a Joint Security Board of Investigation was established comprising the Ministry of Justice, Executive Protective Service, Armed Forces of Liberia, National Security Agency, and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, chaired by the Ministry of Justice, had the specific mandate to establish where the diamond was discovered and recovered so as to establish ownership.  Their investigation which included site visitation revealed that the 53.34 carat diamond was found by Mohamed Kamara, alias JR, in Smith Town, Gbarma Mining District #2, Lofa  River, Claim 12/F Survey.  However, Mohamed Kamara alias  Jr. has characterized    the recent report made by Gold and Diamond Dealers Association  President  and Mines and  Energy Minister, Mohammed Kanneh and Gestley Murray respectively as a blatant lie,  corruption at the highest level and criminal act, calls on well-meaning Liberians,  Civil societies, the incoming UP government and the international partners  to come to our aid.  We are seeking for justice to reclaim our  diamond,  to build hospital and school in Smith Town in  the interest of our county and the people of Gbarpolu County.  Speaking to a team journalists over the weekend in Monrovia, Mohammed Kamara, said he has not received a dime from any individual or individuals for the price of the 53.34 carat diamond.  According to him, Cllr. Frank Musah Dean of the Minister of Justice including the Minister of Mines and  Energy, Gesler E. Murray both are understanding the case from their personal interests.  Meanwhile, the finder of the diamond said the diamond will bring some economic recovery to the people of Gbarpolu County and the people of Smith Town.

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