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The Case Of Special Agent Tarpeh L. U-sayee, Jr.As the adage goes, ‘education is knowledge.’ So it was showcased on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 when the African Methodist Episcopal Graduate School awarded degrees to several personalities in various disciplines during its latest commencement program. Amongst the graduates who received degrees was an outstanding personality within the security sector of Liberia. Special Agent Tarpeh L  U-sayee, Jr.  of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) received a Master Degree in Foreign Service Leadership in the field of International Relations. The astute serviceman previously earned MA Degree in Divinity. He also earned BA Degree in Sociology with minor in Education, and  BA in Criminal Justice Administration with  minor in Public Administration, as well as  AA Degree in Management. Mr. U-sayee, Jr. is a candidate of Doctor in Organization Management in Ministry of the Teleo University, USA. He is a professional law enforcement trainer with more than ten years of teaching experience within the field of Criminal Justice, Sociology, and other security courses and an instructor at the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (A.M.E.Z.U). Mr. U-sayee, Jr. is Chairman of the Liberal Arts Department of the Liberia Christian College (LCC) and also instructor of the African Methodist Episcopal University (A.M.E.U). He has more than ten years of experience with the Executive Protection Service (EPS), protecting Presidents and head of states when it comes to law enforcement, as well as more than ten years’ experience in the area of training, coaching and teaching at various universities in Liberia. He is Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Zwe Security Consultancy Services (ZWESECONS), and currently serves as instructor within the Training Division of the Executive Protection Service (EPS). Professionally,  Mr.  U-sayee’s service covers the following, Executive Protection Service Instructor- from 2010 up to present within the Training Division responsible to design and conduct training in VIP protection and counter measures for all members of the Executive Protection Service. In 2012 he served as Deputy Chief for the Uniform Division of the EPS. Between 2006 – 2010 he served as Special Security Service (SSS) personnel to the Vice President Motorcade. Moreover, Mr. U-sayee, Jr. has been teaching at the A. M. E. Zion University since 2008 up to current, serving as instructor in the Criminal Justice Department and Physical Education.  The trained security expert is currently Chairman of the Liberal Arts Department at the Liberia Christian College. He also teaches in the Criminal Justice and Forensic Department of the A.M.E.U. Additionally, Mr. U-sayee, Jr. is currently a link between athletes and the Liberia Athletics Federation, empowering athletes’ representation in the Liberia Athletes Federation (L.A.F) decision making process; while supporting athletes’ development in their sporting and non-sporting careers. The trained and professional EPS officer holds several professional training and certificates from the U.S.A., Nigeria as well as the United Nations. These certificates include Training Academy – Instructor Development Course  (IDC8),Counter Terrorism Course, VIP Protection Course and Anti Terrorism Assistance Program; Basic Firearm Safety Course, Basic Police Science and VIP Protection, amongst others. Col. U-Sayee, Jr. has received several honors and awards, amongst them, the overall best award in Counter- terrorism training in Lagos, Nigeria in 2013. He was honored as “Father of the Year,” 2013 – 2014 at Dixville Community Church (DCC). Mr. U-Sayee, Jr. was also awarded a Gold Medal known as MOZA (Member of Outstanding Zion Alumni Award) of the A.M.E. Zion University – 2021- Honor-certificate. The security expert, trainer and EPS Special Agent, is an athlete, who represented Liberia in the 100ms – 200ms between 1993 to 2006.

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