Senator- Elect Cyrus Identifies With Disabled, Less Privileged By: Julius Konton


Lofa County Senator Elect MomoTarnue Kollie Cyrus has donated 300 bags of rice to the disable community including the less Privilege across Lofa County. The gesture is the first of its kind since his election victory on October 10, 2023. Speaking during the presentation of the rice to officials of Team Cyrus for onward presentation to the direct beneficiaries, the people center leader said his initiative is intended to encourage Lofians to turn out in their mass to vote on November 14, 2023. Judging from past low Turnout in runoff elections,  Senator Cyrus stressed the importance of Lofians overwhelmingly exercising their democratic rights on November 14, 2023 despite political differences. “We need to motivate our people to go and vote especially our older folks and the less fortunate within the County because,  it is our future “, Cyrus added. In order to make an impact relative to the essence of the donation,  the distribution process is expected to begin on November 8, 2023 and is expected to benefit hundreds and thousands of less Privilege people including those living with disabilities within the County. Cyrus who is not supporting any of the two Presidential candidates in the runoff election however urged the voters to see their County and Country as the bigger picture as they go to the polls on next Tuesday.  “My supporters are from all of the political Parties as such I saw it prudent enough not to endorse none of the candidates because,  I am a team player and a true leader who listen to my people”, he noted. He at the same time lauded the efforts of Lofians for overwhelmingly reposing confidence in him to serve them. “I have great desire to help change the lives of my people and this is just the beginning “, he told his people.  Ahead of his induction as newly elected Senator of Lofa County, Cyrus has already started working for his people as promise , one of his supporters noted. “This is just a drop in the bucket but we will do more especially for our less fortunate people and the disable community in order for them to feel my leadership impact across the County ‘, Cyrus noted. He re-echoed the need to reunite Lofians and to work along with his people in order to develop one Lofa County.

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