Sea Encroachment Makes Over 80 Residents Homeless


Over 80 residents in the Kru Town Community, including women and children, have been left homeless due to sea encroachment.

The constant invasion of the sea has reached a critical state, leaving the residents vulnerable and in dire need of assistance.

Madam Annie Flomo, one of the affected residents, expressed her discomfort with the situation.

She explained that the water has damaged their houses and properties, making it impossible for them to sleep at night.

“Currently, we have no place to sleep; with the lack of action taken by the community and county stakeholders despite being aware of the problem,” she voiced her frustrations.

She called on the City Mayor, other county authorities, and humanitarian organizations to provide shelter for them.

In response, City Mayor Edwin Korwah assured the affected residents that he has informed other county authorities about the situation.

He urged them to remain calm and advised them to move to the city hall, where the Red Cross will register them to determine the number of people affected.

“Temporary shelters will be provided by his office in collaboration with the Red Cross; Plans are underway to find land where houses can be built to relocate those living close to the sea, ” he assured.

Mr. Korwah emphasized that this is a national issue and urged the residents to maintain peace.

In a related development, the Robertsport Branch of the Liberia National Red Cross Office has found itself at the forefront of a dire situation caused by erosion.

Taking immediate action, the Liberia National Red Cross has taken the initiative to provide assistance to the war victims affected by this tragic phenomenon.

Mr. Kamara, a representative of the organization, stated that they are fully committed to aiding the victims in any way they can.

With heartfelt concern, he mentioned that these victims are now left without homes and emphasized the urgent need to provide support to those affected.

In his plea for help, Mr. Kamara called upon the national government to step in and provide housing for these individuals who have been directly impacted by the erosion. He also expressed the need for constructing new homes in order to mitigate the damage caused to the Red Cross reputation in Robertsport.

Moreover, Mr. Kamara highlighted the ongoing threat to several communities in Robertsport, specifically Kru Town, Fanti Town, and Up Town, where the engagement between the sea and the land poses a constant danger.

He stressed the crucial importance of protecting these communities from further harm, as they are at risk of catastrophic consequences similar to those experienced in the city.

By: Clarence Barjibo/

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