Over thousands of Thomas N.Tweh, commonly known as Original Country Man supporters stormed the Liberia National Police headquarters in Monrovia, demanding that the police release their candidate and some of his supporters that were dragged for answering to questions in District #11, Montserrado County.

The incident led to the burning of tiers and setting road blocks on Thursday after the Supreme Court of Liberia ruled against Mr. Tweh not to run in the district as representative candidate until after a year.

Accordingly,  Mr. Tweh was picked up by the police on Friday morning between 9:30 to 10am to the Police headquarters for questioning.

While speaking to some protesters, they said the Supreme Court of Liberia did not do any justice in their ruling but rather denied their candidate on the ballots which they claimed will bring serious problem in the October 10, 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

The Original Country Man was later turned over to his supporters by 6pm as some said the decision by the police was due to the multiplication of people pulling from his district to LNP demanding his release.

On Thursday, August 31, 2023, the Supreme Court of Liberia  disqualified Tweh for holding dual citizenship without denouncing one of his allegiances.

The High Court also reversed the National Elections Commission ruling that confirmed the ruling of the hearing officer to allow District #11 Representative Candidate Tweh to contest the election.

The court, in its opinion, delivered by Chief Justice Sie-NyeneYuoh, said  Tweh is not eligible to contest the district in the ensuing October polls.

It can be recalled that District #11 Representative Candidate SiahTandapolie and others complained to the NEC that Tweh is an American citizen who has not denounced one of his allegiances.

The matter went before the hearing officers of the NEC and later moved before the NEC full body and the hearing officers’ ruling was confirmed.

The NEC rules say only candidates, participating political parties, coalitions, and alliances are competent to challenge nominees on the provisional list of the 2023 General and Presidential Elections.


The Supreme Court said it was established by the Geo-information Service of the NEC that Tweh is not a resident of Electoral District #11.

“That the NEC being authorized by law to investigate candidates and scrutinize documents proffered by aspirants /candidates seeking to contest in elections, such as an investigation into whether an aspirant or candidate has renounced his or her foreign nationality, cannot be equated to proceeding usurping the functions of the attorney general or minster of justice, under section 21.50 of the aliens and nationality law,” The Court said.

After the Supreme Court final ruling, Representative candidate of District #11, SiahTandapolie, told Judicial reporters in an interview with judicial reporters, that no stranger will lead the people of their District.

She further revealed that it’s not about who wins the elections, but ensuring that the right things are done by the laws of the country.

Tandapolie maintained that a person aspiring to be a lawmaker must first be law abiding, as a first point of discipline, a character that Tweh lacks.

For his part, Cllr Lafayette Gould, who won the case on behalf of the complainant, expressed disappointment in the National Elections Commission for granting access to someone who holds dual citizenship.

Cllr. Gould also revealed that he is running for the Representative post in the same district and when he wins, adding that under his leadership, he’s going to dragged the incumbent lawmaker Lawrence Richard Koon, to court for misusing their district funding.

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